Turkish Civil Aviation Sector Overcomes the Kovid-19 Outbreak with Least Impact

Turkish Civil Aviation Sector Overcomes the Kovid-19 Outbreak with Least Impact
Turkish Civil Aviation Sector Overcomes the Kovid-19 Outbreak with Least Impact

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Karaismailoğlu, stated that the world aviation industry was greatly affected by the coronavirus epidemic and that a worldwide decrease in the number of passengers is predicted to be 40 percent, “Therefore, the world civil aviation industry is experiencing great difficulties. However, thanks to the regulations and supports we have made for the sector from the beginning of the epidemic, the Turkish civil aviation sector survives this epidemic with the least impact, ”he said. Karaismailoğlu confidence for the civil aviation sector in Turkey, the airports and the number of passengers in the certification study reported that together significantly increase.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, pointed out that the new type of coronavirus epidemic has negative effects on all countries, both materially and morally, and said that the epidemic has also caused great damage to the economies of the country. Reminding that intercity flights as well as intercity flights stopped for a period within the scope of the measures to combat the epidemic, and then flights started with restrictions, Karaismailoğlu said, “The coronavirus has had a great impact on the world economy and civil aviation. Likewise, according to the International Airports Council (ACI) data, it is predicted that there will be a 2019 percent decrease in the number of passengers and a decrease of 40 billion dollars in airport revenues by the end of the year compared to 76 ”.

The Aviation Sector Least Affected by the Outbreak Was the Turkish Civil Aviation Sector

Minister Karaismailoğlu said that the world civil aviation sector is experiencing difficult times due to the decrease in the number of passengers and incomes, but the Turkish civil aviation sector is the least affected sector at this point.

Karaismailoğlu, explaining that they have taken important measures for civil aviation as in all sectors and gave important support to the sector since the first day of the coronavirus epidemic, said, “In the period when the epidemic started and airline transportation came to a halt, we took the necessary measures to prevent the operators from losing slots due to airline flight cancellations. We have postponed the payments such as license, extension, electricity, water, heating-cooling, turnover share and tray guarantee fees for airport, terminal and ground services businesses until January 31, 2021. We reduced aviation services fees by 50 percent this year. We postponed the airlines' debts to Eurocontrol.

With the amendment made in the regulation on airline passenger rights, we postponed the ticket refunds for two months after the flights started. We have minimized the troubles in the sector ”.

Supports for the Sector Continues

Karaismailoğlu stated that many payments such as landing, accommodation, passenger security, approach, lighting, passenger service, aircraft orientation and security measures for aircraft services were also postponed until January 31, 2021, as in ground handling services, “During the epidemic, the authorized units of our State On the other hand, invoices issued by Turkish Airlines for extending the working hours of international flights for the evacuation of our citizens living outside of Turkey and bring them to our country have been canceled ”.

Karaismailoğlu reminded that all the necessary technical arrangements for avoiding additional costs in the operations of the airlines were made by the Ministry, and the validity periods of the licenses, authorizations and licenses were also extended. Emphasizing that the SSK and tax debts were also postponed for 6 months, Minister Karaismailoğlu said: “VAT in passenger transportation services by airline has been reduced from 30 percent to 2020 percent until 18 June 1. Credit has been approved to provide financial support to Eurocontrol member countries and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP). Firms were allowed to breathe comfortably during this period. "

International Confidence Has Increased Thanks to the Certificate Program

Minister Karaismailoğlu said that the technical regulations made during the epidemic period also ensured the rapid gathering of the sector during the normalization period and increased confidence in Turkish civil aviation. Karaismailoğlu stated that as the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the airports have been reorganized with the certification program they have initiated for the airports, and said, "This certificate has increased the trust in the civil aviation of our country both nationally and internationally, and many international flight points have been opened thanks to this trust."

Confidence Indicator figures in Turkey

Karaismailoğlu Turkish Civil Aviation the confidence of the increase in the aviation sector in all the stagnation in the world underlining also that it may prevent it happened in Turkey, "Just serving in Turkey in August airports, domestic passenger traffic of 5 million 758 thousand crossing international passenger traffic of 3 million 810 passed a thousand. Thus, total passenger traffic, including direct transit passengers, reached 9 million 574 thousand in the month in question. "Even this situation shows the state of civil aviation in our country." Karaismailoğlu also stated that negotiations were held with airport and terminal operator companies operated within the scope of public-private partnership and that evaluation studies regarding the obligations in their contracts are continuing.

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