Flight Ticket Searches Increased 8 Times When Travel Restriction Has Been Taken Up

travel restrictions increased, flight ticket searches increased
travel restrictions increased, flight ticket searches increased

After the announcement of the decision that the intercity travel restriction would come to an end, searches for flight tickets increased 8 times. Turkey travel site Enuygun.co CEO Çağlar Erol, "June 1 trip air tickets after the announcement of the termination of restrictions on the 8th floor calls, while calls bus ticket was increased 5-fold. The most ticket search was for trips from Istanbul. ”

The end of the intercity travel restriction throughout the country has significantly increased the search for plane and bus tickets. Stating that they have experienced an 8-fold increase in flight ticket searches with the announcement that the travel restriction will come to an end, Enuygun.com CEO Çağlar Erol said, “There is a 5-fold increase in bus ticket searches. As the demand for plane tickets increased, airlines reduced their flight start dates from June 4 to June 1. Turkish Airlines started its flights to Pegasus, AnadoluJet and SunExpress. Flights will be made to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Trabzon for now. However, after 4 June, airline companies will increase their number of destinations. Bus companies will also start all their flights starting from June 4 in accordance with the social isolation rules. ”

Most searches for tickets from Istanbul

Drawing attention to the fact that most searches for flights and buses departing from Istanbul were made, Erol said, “There were serious increases in ticket searches immediately after the announcement that the travel restriction was lifted on Thursday evening. 38% of flights from Istanbul are in the first place in flight ticket searches. It made up 22% of the calls to Istanbul. The top places in the searches after Istanbul are Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, Mugla. The day on which most tickets were searched and sold attracts attention as Friday, June 5th. ”

Children can travel with their parents

HEPP code should be obtained for all domestic air travel with the instruction of the Ministry of Health. Babies do not need to receive HES code until 0-2 years of age. Children and adolescents between the ages of 2-18 can travel if they have a parent with them, but an HEPP code is also required for them. Citizens over 65 will be able to travel by obtaining a Travel Permit Certificate besides the HEPP code.

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