KOBİS Station Established in Halıdere and Ulaşlı

KOBİS Station Established in Halıdere and Ulaşlı
KOBİS Station Established in Halıdere and Ulaşlı

Kocaeli Smart Bicycle System "KOBİS" project, which was put into operation by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in 2014, serves in 12 districts. Consisting of 520 smart bicycles, KOBİS continues to grow day by day. 2 new stations were added to KOBİS, which is frequently used by citizens.


Stations with 9 parking units were added to the Gölcük district, Halıdere and Ulaşlı locations by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. The number of stations of KOBİS, which was established to facilitate urban access, to create intermediate facilities that feed public transport systems, and to encourage the use of an environmental and sustainable transportation vehicle, reached 73 with the addition of Halıdere and Ulaşlı.


KOBİS provides services in 3 different ways: member card, Kentkart and credit card. Bicycle lovers who want to use the smart bike system with Kentkart; After completing the steps by clicking the 'rent a bike' button from the rental kiosk, they can rent a bike using the 4-digit password provided by the system. Bicycle lovers who apply to the Travel Cards office at the Public Transport Department within the fair can rent a bicycle from the parking unit at any station they want with their member cards after signing the membership agreement.

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