Bursa Streets Meet Aesthetics

Bursa Streets Meet Aesthetics
Bursa Streets Meet Aesthetics

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has given an aesthetic appearance to Gökdere Boulevard Boyacıkullığı Bridge and the retaining walls on the same route with panels containing photographs of the historical values ​​of the city and stone-like wall panels with natural patterns.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has made great efforts to make Bursa an aesthetic city that is remembered with green again, puts its signature under different applications every day with the artists under the Urban Aesthetics Branch Directorate to prevent visual pollution on the streets. Using transformer buildings, retaining walls and bridge intersections as canvases, the art team of the Urban Aesthetics Branch Directorate, which brings together streets and streets with art, transformed the Gökdere Boulevard Paintwork bridge into a work of art. Panels containing photos of Bursa's historical values ​​and natural patterned stone-like wall panels were applied this time to the Gökdere Bulvarı Boyacıkullığı Bridge and the retaining wall on the same route. Before the application, maintenance and repair work and protective, self-colored, aesthetic, sprayed plaster coating work were performed on the retaining wall that created a bad appearance. After the work, framed wall panels resembling a painting, displaying the historical values ​​of Bursa, were placed on the retaining wall with the meticulousness of an exhibition hall.

The Boyacıkullığı Bridge, which was considered within the scope of the study, gained a modern appearance with maintenance, repair, panel coating works and the installation of CNC cut patterned separators. Finally, with its aesthetic lighting works, the region has become a place that adds value to the skyline at night.

Günceleme: 18/09/2020 15:59

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