Büyükakın Informed Tradesmen About Kuruçeşme Tram

Büyükakın Informed Tradesmen About Kuruçeşme Tram
Büyükakın Informed Tradesmen About Kuruçeşme Tram

Marmara Municipalities Union and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın continues to meet with citizens and tradesmen at every opportunity.

Mayor Büyükakın, who travels from district to district and walks with the people, continues to openly share the developments regarding the city agenda with the citizens. Mayor Büyükakın, who informed the tradesmen about the development of the city at the Izmit Galericiler Site, which he visited recently, said, “Our Izmit Fair is shaped as the National Garden. Our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has completed the process. Our ministry will pay the price of the Millet Garden project, which we have completed the project and where small details remain. The protocol to be made with our ministry in Cedit, where urban transformation will be made, is about to end. Cedit will start soon ”.


Mayor Büyükakın stated that after the Outlet Shopping Center, the areas with sports areas, especially the walking paths starting from the coastal area, will undergo a renewal and said, “All our citizens, especially our children and youth, will be able to have a good time in these areas. The spaces we will create here will add value to Izmit and our city. Our families will catch peaceful moments in a decent environment. "Our sports grounds here will provide a great service to our city and our people."


Informing the tradesmen about the tram going to Kuruçeşme center, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın, our tramway to our City Hospital will be made by our Ministry of Transport. We will make an investment of approximately 300 million TL with its infrastructure, vehicles and expropriations. We will have a very important investment in our Izmit district. Fifty thousand daily trips will be made on this line, which will be created with the scissors we left on time where Namık Kemal High School is located. Our Ministry is currently preparing its projects. In addition, we will carry out facade improvement works on the D-100 route ”. Mayor Büyükakın did not neglect to emphasize that with these projects, investment budgets, which are very important and huge, will be implemented in Izmit.

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