Ekrem İmamoğluBebek Beach and Bebek Park Review from

Ekrem İmamoğluBaby Park Review from
Ekrem İmamoğluBaby Park Review from

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluexamined the works in Bebek Beach and Bebek Park on site. İmamoğlu, who went to the district with Deputy Secretary Generals Mahir Polat and Gürkan Alpay yesterday evening, first made investigations in the coastal section. Gürkan stated that the coastal arrangement project is included in the Bebek Park renovation works, and that they are waiting for a response from the Monuments Board regarding the area.


İmamoğlu, who went into the park after the information on the beach, asked Yasin Çağatay Seçkin, the Head of the Park Garden and Green Areas Department, about the construction of a mukhtar service building. Seçkin gave the following information to İmamoğlu:

“We came together with Bebek residents here last week, and our headman was also there. We gathered all NGOs. They suggested several places themselves. We will look for a solution, we will clean this place completely. Their demands were made not to block the view of the mosque. We are on a search about this. The unnecessary structures here will be removed, and the toilet problem that the mosque needs will be eliminated. "


Saying, “Then there is no issue that we cannot agree on here,” Imamoğlu said, “I do not accept random views here, I cannot accept them. Closing the park like this seems very counterproductive to me, even if it is part of the landscape. Let's turn the environment into a beautiful space. In such a field, for example, not asphalt, but something else, a part of the landscape, let's finish the process with works that look good when empty and add identity. I'm not talking about Baby Park. This is in what I said; There are buffet designs, tidying up. We need to fulfill all these disciplines, organize and exit ”.

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