First Aid Training for Passengers Traveling on Gulf Ferries

First Aid Training for Passengers Traveling on Gulf Ferries
First Aid Training for Passengers Traveling on Gulf Ferries

Within the scope of the events organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the World First Aid Day, passengers traveling by ferries to the Gulf were given training on first aid practices.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIzdeniz A.Ş. by the First Aid Unit of the Education Branch Directorate under the Community Health Department, which was established by . First aid awareness and promotion activities were carried out on the ferry lines.

Passenger hours and Konak, Passport, Karşıyaka In the trainings given during the journey on the lines of Bostanlı and Bostanlı, practices highlighting the importance of first aid were included. The trainings, which offered life-saving information, attracted great attention from the passengers.

First aid saves lives

It was shared with the passengers in the trainings that in fatal cases, the chance of survival is 5% if the patient reaches the hospital within 70 minutes, if the hospital is reached within 25 minutes, this rate drops to 50%, and if the time is extended to one hour, the patient's chance of survival approaches zero. First Aid trainers explained that increasing the number of people who can apply first aid effectively, on time and correctly in disasters and emergencies will reduce the death and disability situations to the same extent.

Since 2003, the second Saturday of September every year has been celebrated as World First Aid Day in 188 countries. Within the scope of awareness raising activities about first aid in İzmir, especially those working in heavy and dangerous jobs were invited to be the first aiders through videos explaining the importance of first aid on digital screens and posters posted in various parts of the city.

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