President Aktaş Asphalt Workers Made Sahur

president aktas made sahur with asphalt workers
president aktas made sahur with asphalt workers

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality turned the curfews on weekends due to the corona virus outbreak into an opportunity and started asphalting in main arteries that have not been renewed for 15-20 years.

In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus epidemic, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has made an intense effort in the provision of hot food, provisions and market needs for citizens affected by the epidemic, continues to renew the main streets that have not been maintained for many years. The Metropolitan Municipality, which turned the curfews imposed on the weekends since April 30 in the provinces covering 11 metropolitan cities and Zonguldak, into an historical opportunity, continues the asphalting works initiated in all the main arteries where it is not possible to intervene due to traffic load in normal time. At the end of the last 5 weeks, approximately 1 thousand tons of asphalt paving works were carried out between T3, T11 tram lines, Setbaşı, Yeşil, Gökdere, 50 Eylül Boulevard Samanlı Köprülü intersection and Vakıf intersection and Merinos - Novices.

Race Over Time

Teams compete with time in order to fit the work that will last 10 days a week in case of intermittent stages, where traffic is not possible to work and work in normal conditions. The Metropolitan Municipality, which completed the asphalt renewal work in the direction of Merinos - Acemler, which is the arterial vein of Bursa traffic, last week, which took 2 days of curfew with the Labor Day, started a feverish work for the arrival direction this weekend. The teams, who landed on the field at the first moment the ban started, also completed the works in the direction of arrival with a continuous work pace without saying day and night.

Roadside Sahur with Workers

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş examined the works that continue without interruption in the direction of Acemler Merinos. Receiving information about the works, President Aktaş met with the workers at the sahur table prepared on the roadside. Chatting with the workers, President Aktaş also ate the sahur dinner with the workers. Expressing that they spend an intensive working time to increase the comfort of the people of Bursa, Mayor Aktaş said, “Although we are not planning in the short term, we are actively working in curfews that have been applied for 4-5 weeks. These streets are streets that live 7/24. Of course, if we stopped the traffic on these streets and did this work, believe it would take months, not days. Our people suffer and the quality of the work would not be good. In this sense, our friends who work 7/24 showed great sacrifice on the routes that constitute the main axis of our Bursa. I thank all of them. ”

50 Thousand Tons Asphalt

Giving information about the asphalting works carried out especially in the corona virus process, Mayor Aktaş emphasized that asphalt coating was not made on the 15-kilometer route and no patch and filling work was done on the 10-kilometer route. Stating that approximately 50 thousand tons of asphalt has been applied in these works, Mayor Aktaş said, “Only in this process, a total of 25 kilometers of routes has been made comfortable for the transportation of Bursa residents. In this process, I would like to thank our citizens for their sensitivity to the corona virus fight. As long as you stay at home, I would like to remind you that we, as Metropolitan Municipality, continue the process at full speed, with social assistance and support, ”he said.


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