Support to Nostalgic Tram Project from Sakarya Eşraf

Sakarya Nostalgic Tram
Sakarya Nostalgic Tram

Faruk Kir, Chairman of Sakarya Esraf Platform, said that they believe that the Metropolitan Municipality of Nostalgic Tram Project will provide gains to the city.

On Monday, Mayor Ekrem Yüce held a press conference on the tram project. After the meeting, Faruk Kır, president of Sakarya Eşraf Platformu, which was recently established, made a written statement about the tram project. Kir, said that they carry the idea that the tram project will be a gain for the city. When the project is put into use and opened for use in the most densely populated area, it will have positive effects in terms of moral motivation and psychological aspects. Kır will. ”


Kır said, “Every project that contributes to recognition and economy should be accepted and supported regardless of its priority. Otherwise, the simplistic and insignificant approaches may create anxiety even if the administrators are discouraged and other projects are not implemented. We are in favor of supporting and promoting all vision projects. The pretext of not having a dream is a pioneer should be a pioneer. Nostalgic tram will be beneficial to our city with the support we will contribute to the development, change, transformation and development of the city and other projects. " (Abdullah Özden - Sakaryayenihab is)



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