Istanbul Transportation Congress 17-18 will be held in December

Istanbul Transportation Congress will be held in December
Istanbul Transportation Congress will be held in December

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlumade the closing speech of the “Rubber Wheeled Public Transportation Workshop” where the current situation in the public transportation system, improvement and solution suggestions were discussed. İmamoğlu said, “Without forgetting that the customer is the benefactor, we have 16 million customers; "We will do very innovative works for the people of Istanbul, who come to the right decision by protecting their interests, plan their investments accordingly, develop integrated transportation systems, and incorporate environmentally friendly vehicles into the process, with vehicles that suit this city in the future," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) organized a Tekerlekli Wheeled Public Transportation Workshop ğü to discuss the current situation in the public transportation system, suggestions for improvement and solutions. The workshop which brought together all the stakeholders of the sector was held at Zeytinburnu IMM Çırpıcı Social Facilities. Bus operators, minibus, shuttle, taxi, taxi minibus, drivers, vehicle suppliers, technology companies, related cooperatives and non-governmental organizations participated in the workshop together with IMM officials. Workshop, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Gürsoy's opening speech. In the workshop, round table studies were carried out in which sectoral problems and solution proposals were discussed. At these tables, bus, minibus, taxi, taxi minibus, service systems and the demands of the transporter drivers and users working in these areas were evaluated. A representative from each table made speeches about sectoral problems and solutions. After the representatives, Deputy Secretary General of IMM Orhan Demir took the floor.


IMM President, who made the closing speech of the workshop Ekrem İmamoğlu, to his words, “We held the last assembly of the year. We passed our budget, which we can pay for every penny and spend for 16 million people, through the Parliament. May our 2020 budget be auspicious to our Istanbul”. İmamoğlu stated that the metro works in Istanbul started in 1984 and said, “The metro works could not be continued at the required level. We have been able to produce an average of 25-8 kilometers of subway in 9 years. Therefore, unlike the other metropolises of the world, the traffic is still provided by above-ground wheeled vehicles at a rate of 75 percent. This is not a sustainable business. In current transportation services, most of the load is on you. We are trying to provide transportation with a business that we can call a fleet. Every day in our Istanbul, approximately 16 million passengers are transported from one place to another by you.” Noting that the surface transportation in Istanbul is carried out by City Lines, IETT, buses, suburban and private public buses, taxis and service vehicles, İmamoğlu shared numerical information. Stating that this workshop is a sub-study, İmamoğlu announced that the main workshop will be the "Istanbul Transportation Congress" to be held on December 17-18.


Noting that every sector participating in the workshop has information about their problems, İmamoğlu said, “As the mayor of this city, sohbet i want to do We are all residents of this city. Every congestion in traffic affects us all the same, but you have a difference. You are the largest group that lives the most important part of your day in traffic. In other words, traffic exhausts you the most, it affects your morale and motivation. A flowing traffic makes you the most happy. There is another important aspect of the job. You all bring the bread to your home in traffic, pouring sweat. Getting the reward for that sweat with the least waste is also related to the traffic pattern. "The more regularly the traffic flows, the less your time and fuel waste will be."


Ister I want you to know that I am the one who will make the most empathy with you on all these issues, İm said İmamoğlu, “I understand you and we are thinking together with my friends to solve problems. I believe you have a job to make it easier. It is very important that you follow the rules. Make sure you're enabled to stream the traffic regularly. 'Dear honey, what happens if we stop a minute' moment when we look at the back flow, a little later, we should remember that all over the city will slow down. Imagine what would be the result if hundreds or even thousands of our friends make such moves? You know what I'm dreaming of? Every brother, bus, taxi, minibus in this city, every person in traffic to create the following feeling: 'Yes, the rules most appropriate, they are the right driver every move'. So just think and respect. We can do that, when we do not only increase the flow of traffic will increase the respect for our profession, kul he said.


Stating that they care about every warning made by the sector representatives, İmamoğlu said, “At which points there is a blockage, what is the reason, you have opinions and thoughts about how the solution can be. We use ways to get them. Indeed, with small touches, we can create reliefs in traffic that cannot be underestimated, as long as we can correctly identify these points. Here you can help us, which ultimately helps you in the first place. We are the people who will make the most effort to solve your problems. We will implement our important projects in order to make the traffic more attractive for you ”.


İmamoğlu said, adan Without forgetting that the customer is the trustee, which we have 16 million customers; We will do more innovative works that will make a right decision by protecting the interests of Istanbul residents, plan their investments according to it, develop integrated transportation systems, add suitable vehicles and incorporate environmentally sensitive vehicles into the process in order to have a better environment in this city in the future. I want you to be a part of us with your suggestions and contributions while doing all these works. Nok

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