Death Gate Closing in Ceyhan District of Adana

closure of the death gate of the devotee ceyhan
closure of the death gate of the devotee ceyhan

Death Gate in Adana's Ceyhan District Is Closed; It was learned that the railway crossing, one of which was an amateur football player and the other woman walking, was going to be closed in Ceyhan district of Adana last week.

It was learned that the work was started to close the railroad crossing, which caused an amateur footballer and a walker to die in Ceyhan District of Adana last week. The train line, which has a transit route from the district center, posed a great risk since the area between Adnan Menderes Street and the Elçibey Avenue intersection was not physically closed. It was seen that fatal traffic accidents occurred when bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians and animals wanted to pass because there was no physical obstacle. With the increase in these traffic accidents and the fact that they started to die, the authorities took action to close this gate.

State Railways Shut Down

Due to the rapid increase in fatal accidents Ceyhan District Governor. Bayram Yilmaz and Islamist Binil'in Adana AK Party Deputy as a result of persistent attempts to close the passage of the Turkish State Railways have been started to work. It is stated that the gate will be closed completely in a few days and a new project will be implemented in order to ensure the transition process in the region. Citizens have reacted to the decision to close this place without fatal accidents, despite being demanded many times before. If this precaution is taken earlier, it is stated that the deceased 2 person will be alive.

Source : Adanaajans 

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