Minister Turhan Investigated On Road Works in Bingöl

Turhan Bingol in the road
Turhan Bingol in the road

Minister Turhan Bingöl Investigated On-Site Road Works; Cahit Turhan Minister of Transport and Infrastructure from Bingol to make contacts, accompanied by AK Party Deputy Chairman Cevdet Yilmaz 31 kilometer section of the highway to connect Bingöl to Erzincan visited the construction site.

Turhan, after the prayer read officials received information about the work.

Then Turhan Governor, Governor Kadir Ekinci exchanged opinions about the work carried out in the city.

Minister Turhan then participated in the Provincial Coordination Board Meeting.

Minister Turhan said in a statement after the meeting, which is one of Turkey's paradise corner who said that over the work carried out in Bingol.

Pointing out that Bingöl is a province on north-south transportation angles and east-west transportation axes, Turhan said, “Our studies on Bingöl's transportation infrastructure have been substantially completed. We continue to work to complete our deficiencies. ”

Erzurum-Bingol, Bingol-Diyarbakir, Elazig-Bingol and Bingol-Mus lines voicing that the work is completed to a significant extent Turhan, Erzurum-Bingol divided road works between the Çırişli Tunnel, he said to a large extent.

Turhan, Bingöl and Diyarbakir in the section, Bingol province, the work is completed, the Diyarbakir border work is continuing, he said.

Stating that the roads between Elazığ and Bingöl and Bingöl and Muş serve as divided roads and that they are continuing to improve their superstructure in terms of physical standards, Turhan said, çalış The studies on these main axes also contribute significantly to the developments in other sectors in Bingöl. Bingöl, tourism, agriculture, industry, textiles, education, health and service sector has made a significant breakthrough in our province.

Turhan expressed that they listened to the mayors of the district and town and said: ilçe We are working on some of our district roads and provincial roads. When we complete these studies, I believe that the living standards of our people living in Bingöl will increase. Investments in Bingöl will increase even more, natural resources, natural opportunities will find even more suitors and investors to contribute to our economy. ”

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