Completed Construction of the Bicycle Road in Istanbul Street

Istanbul Street was opened to the bike path service
Istanbul Street was opened to the bike path service

Bike Road Service on Istanbul Street Opened; The work on the bicycle road, which has been under construction for a long time, has ended. After the painting process and the removal of metal barriers on the side of the road, the bicycle path was opened to the citizens. The use of pedestrians more than the cyclists of the bike path, he noted.

Düzce's agenda for a long time engaged in the bicycle path, opened for use today. Bike riders started to use the road opened with the removal of metal barriers after painting. Leading News teams asked the citizens of the opened bicycle path. The public was satisfied with the bicycle path, while cyclists complained that pedestrians often use the path.

 Citizens Satisfied with Bike Path Opening

Oldu The removal of the barriers was very good ” I'm glad the bike path is open. The removal of the barriers was very good. The tram that was here before was of no use. Our people didn't use the tram. In vain, an expense was made by making the tram. Now it was better to have the bike path. Pedestrians use the bike path because of the narrow sidewalk. It would be better if the sidewalk was a bit wider. But it shouldn't be used. It's better if everybody takes their own path. There are many bicycles in Düzce. We need to use the bike path a little more consciously.

“Beautiful and late application” It is too late to do so. But the only problem here is that the vehicles should not allow parking. Municipal buses are forced to cross the road. They're having trouble getting people down. Disabled citizens are having trouble getting off the buses. Very well thought out bike path separate pedestrian path separate. Mayor Faruk Özlü thought very well by removing the car park here. We are forced on foot. It'il be better now. A late application. Pedestrians use the bike path is the narrow sidewalk. When the bicycle path is a little wide pavement is a bit narrow, citizens use the bicycle path but they should not use it.

“I wish it had always been closed” The road was opened and closed. Before the tram was removed it was now the bike path. I wish it was always closed. I'd rather have the road closed. When the road was closed, people were walking as they wanted. Now they have their children everywhere.

“This place is not the hiking path” I'm glad the bike path was built. I use this road with my bike, but people come in front of me. I want people to be a little more careful. Everyone needs to use their own path. When people jump in front of us, we become guilty. This isn't a walkway. The municipality built this place for cyclists.

“I want pedestrians to use the sidewalks” I'm happy with the bike path. I want pedestrians to use the sidewalks. They're on their way. After we have to crash, the event comes out. Usually there are people running on the road. When we get hit, we're guilty. We want him to be a little more careful than the pedestrians.

“People get angry with us” People are not accustomed to those who ride bicycles. That's why people get mad at us. A woman just got angry at us now that they came out. Citizens are running on the road. This is not a jogging path, it's a bike path. We want people to respect those who ride bicycles.

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