Work Continues in Trabzon Kanuni Boulevard

trabzon legal boulevard works on
trabzon legal boulevard works on

Minister Turhan, in his speech at the opening ceremony held in Trabzon Atatürk Area with the honors of our President Erdoğan, wished God's mercy to the police officer Akın Çelebi, who reached the level of martyrdom, and wished his family's patience and condolences to the whole Turkish nation.

Turhan conveyed the feelings of gratitude and mercy to all the martyrs who left this homeland to them. “Our struggle for independence in these lands has been going on for more than a thousand years and will continue forever as long as we exist in these lands. Nobody can stop that. On the one hand, while the struggle for independence, our security forces at our borders, while giving this struggle in the country to sacrifice his life in the future while continuing our struggle. Konu he said.

Turhan, President Erdogan continued leadership in the service that quickly started politics in Turkey attention, he continued:

Büyüklük From the day of its appearance on the political scene, many services were provided in our country in economic size, infrastructure, industry, agriculture, trade, health, education, tourism in every field, and we will continue to do so, hopefully because of a dedicated statesman As long as the man of the nation, the man of God is in front of us, nobody will be able to flip this nation. ”

Trabzon, Turkey is one of the highlights of the corner of paradise Turhan, he said:

En The most beautiful geography in the world. God has given us this geography, this country, has given us, we will appreciate the value of this, we will benefit from the blessing of it, right? How is it going to be? Here by doing these services both for our own people and to our country, Trabzon to our country from abroad, people living in a comfortable way to come here to eat and drink and benefit from these beauties, our tradesmen, merchants will benefit from it. ”

Turhan said that they have opened many works today and said, Kanun There is Kanuni Boulevard which is a very important infrastructure for our Trabzon and the works are continuing rapidly. In addition to the Starry Junction, which we have opened for service before the Kanuni Boulevard today, we give the service of 3,7 kilometer 2 × 3 lane between the Akyazı Junction and the Uğurlu Junction to the service of Trabzon. Ağı

Allah, the nation's consent to be willing to be satisfied with the nation Turhan, fellow citizens also thanked the squares.

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