Eskisehir Images Decorate Frankfurt Subway

Eskisehir gorsellleri frankfurt subway shut down
Eskisehir gorsellleri frankfurt subway shut down

Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen and municipal bureaucrats who went to Germany for the sister cities football tournament organized by Frankfurt Municipality, participated in the commencement ceremony of the metro decorated with beautiful visuals of Eskişehir. Mayor Büyükerşen thanked the Mayor of Frankfurt, Peter Feldmann and VGF officials.

Establishing good relations with cities around the world in many different fields such as culture, art, education, sports, trade with its sister city agreements, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality went to Germany as the guest of Frankfurt Municipality. Under the chairmanship of Mayor Büyükerşen, the delegation consisting of municipal bureaucrats attended the ceremony organized by Frankfurt's urban transportation company, VGF. While the metro, which was adorned with beautiful visuals of Eskişehir, was offered at the ceremony, President Büyükerşen thanked VGF officials who supported the promotion of Eskişehir in his speech. Büyükerşen said, “It is one of my greatest wishes that the Turkish-German relations, which have a solid foundation in the past, will continue to develop and continue in the future. It is inevitable that this friendship and brotherhood relationship between Frankfurt and Eskişehir will have an impact on this road. The place of people, institutions or organizations that contribute to this friendship is completely different in our hearts. For this reason, the support given by VGF to this sister city relationship, which provides perfect transportation within the city of Frankfurt, is really very important for us. Now, thanks to VGF, people who have not even heard about Eskişehir's life will be aware of our existence and maybe will decide to visit us. For this reason, I would like to thank all the VGF employees, especially the highly valued CEO of VGF, and Mr. R. Jacob, who contributed greatly to the realization of this organization, and invite them to Eskişehir for you to get to know Eskişehir, where they have their photos in their subway. I am very happy to do that. ”

Mayor Büyükerşen made his first drive using the subway vehicle, which was dressed with images of Eskişehir. Afterwards, Mayor Büyükerşen and municipal bureaucrats received information from the authorities about the urban transportation in Frankfurt.

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