Boztepe Cable Car in Ordu Carried 6 Thousand Passengers in 50 Days

boztepe ropeway in the army carried a thousand passengers per day
boztepe ropeway in the army carried a thousand passengers per day

Ordu's 530 meter height, which is one of the attraction centers of the city, which has become the center of attention for domestic and foreign tourists Boztepe cable car that provides great convenience, 9 day holiday holiday to the completion of approximately 50 thousand people entertained.

Thousands of people waiting in the queue to go to Boztepe at the cable car station and realize this unique journey made them say değer It is worth for this journey ”.

From the first day of the feast, citizens who chose the cable car journey to watch the unique view of the city created long queues at the cable car station. The cable car used by the 0-6 age group free of charge, served tens of thousands of people days before the completion of the 9 daily Ramadan holiday.


Turkey's tourism and interested in starting to become one of the attractions Boztepe to increased attention with each passing day President Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, “Our guests travel to Boztepe by a cable car and have the opportunity to see both the Black Sea with unique shades of green and blue, as well as the entire fabric in the district center at one time. The ropeway contributes a lot to Ordu tourism and employment. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are continuing all the necessary works to increase this interest further. We want to increase the activities in Boztepe with projects such as 'Adventure Park' and 'Touch the Clouds'. Boztepe is a brand of this city and we want to raise this brand to the top ”.


Many of those who prefer the cable car that provides transportation to Boztepe did not miss the attention of those who came to Ordu or the surrounding provinces for the holidays. With each passing day long response received When asked the opinions of waiting in a queue to use Turkey's tourism cableway provides a great convenience in transportation Boztepe become one of the brands location: "If you want to see the spectacular military views a journey to be made absolute by cable car. We never got tired of waiting in line for a long time. Because it is worth going to Boztepe with a cable car ride and watching the unique Ordu landscape. Ordu is a beautiful city. Ordu is one of the cities that can be visited and visited for holidays. It is a natural wonder city where natural beauties, unlimited colors of green and blue are blended. We recommend this place to everyone. We are having a very nice time ”.

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