Overpasses to be Made on Two Level Crossings in Isparta

At the request of Isparta Municipality State Railways (DDY) Regional Directorate, the projects which were prepared by a professional company for the construction of overpasses to be applied to the level crossings on the 281. Mayor Isparta Mayor Yusuf Ziya Günaydın said that the projects prepared by the municipality and paid for by the municipality were handed over to the GDY and they expected the tender to be made as soon as possible, edil Our Railways Regional Directorate made a request on this subject. We started working on this and we have reached this conclusion, in he said.

Yusuf Ziya Günaydın, Mayor of Isparta Municipality made the following comments on the subject:

Iştir These issues are clear. At present, there is a regular, technical project on the railroad at the junction of Eğirdir road highways. State Railways had made such a request from us. It is the level crossing on 281 Street which passes through Gül Küçük Sanayi Sitesi. This project was drawn. An overpass project was also prepared there. That passage had to be made, it seems to be early, but that intersection will be the second important connection path that will allow us to establish our new construction and continue the construction of the Living Bus Station. We have done this project in accordance with the full rules and mobility of the highways. Signed on the subject and delivered it to the Regional Directorate of State Railways. They requested this project from our regional directorate. We have drawn these projects to a professional company and we have paid their prices. They told me that the railroads had come from this intersection. I have also given importance to this issue, and I believe that projects will be delivered as soon as possible.

Again, the Junction of Kolçelik and Otogar is about to approach the result. This is the railroads we have given our intersections with the race at the intersection. I hope that they are done in the meantime, I think that our ministry of urbanism and our deputies also said that interested in this issue. I'm also very interested. When these intersections are made, the subject of our intersections in Isparta is almost complete. I, as the mayor, would like this to be completed as soon as possible and I follow this issue. Hopefully, when these intersections are made, I think that Isparta traffic and accidents will be eliminated and will decrease. Already in our intersection Isparta no, I wish to bring luck bu

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