There is investment in railway, no domestic products

There are investments in railway, no domestic product: last week held the fifth Eurasia Rail Fair, where Turkey's interest and investment in recent years due to railways Show opened its doors to grow this year 10 percent. So much so that, after the railway fairs in Berlin and Las Vegas, they moved to the third place in a short time. These two important achievements in terms of Turkey that background, we feel regret in the presence of the parties so require, our sevinme should not be overlooked. You ask why?

Because the fair was held with domestic and foreign firms 300 come forward on behalf of Turkey's accession still, first and foremost our own public institutions, municipalities and other relevant authorities to have a brand mazhar been interested in both, do both. Siniz So why are you so interested in this fair? “ The reason is simple. Because Turkey last 10 years, making significant investments in railways, dedicates resources. The strong countries and companies of this sector are competing with each other in order to get a share of the cake, and they come to our country to supply and see.

For example, if you consider the impact of the fact that the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan, will participate in the fair, the 80 train set will be made for the high-speed train and the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) will be liberalized.

However, in order to offer more than our market to those who participate in this fair, it is imperative that we value our own companies, which have been successful in rail systems, to the extent they deserve. That's not what we do. We continue buying from foreigners. As such, we break the morale and motivation of our domestic companies. That is why, even our local companies, who have made a name for their achievements, created works and made use of it, refused to bring their products to the fair. I know that they are tired of dealing with public institutions and municipalities.

Let's underline the following words of Minister Elvan: im We started the process of building a national high-speed train. In particular, industrial and design-related bidding process continues. In addition, we know that our General Directorate of State Railways needs high speed train sets in parallel with the infrastructure investments we have realized. Here's a requirement to produce in xnumx'lük nativism and Turkey percent. And we will surely seek the condition of having domestic partners. Ortak

Doesn't the fact that we are still unable to produce a concrete product show that we are not late or have developed a good model for this? The second issue is the lack of a public authority that takes into account the negative attitudes of the municipalities towards domestic products.

The tender specifications are based on localization rates, but despite the success of the concrete projects and winning the tender, local companies are eliminated by eliminating and removing interesting companies from foreigners to buy more expensive metro, light metro or tramway sets.

I know that two metropolitan municipalities have deactivated the domestic companies that won the tender and put companies from South Korea or other countries into action. I can not understand why they did this. There is only one applauded Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in this regard. No wonder the Ministry of Transport and TCDD officials do not take a good look at the private sector investing in railways, nor do they support them. They want to come somewhere with the public institutions and their affiliates, which they are also a part of, but they have not been able to get enough distance for 10 years. Mistakes are being made somewhere, let's not be late anymore ...


  1. Dear Sir / Madam, I am producing fiberglass parts in Konya. I visited the Euroasia Rail fair, but since I am a small company, I did not attract much attention. My expectation is that the state and big companies should also consider companies like me and give us a place in this sector for domestic production. I hope we will take our place in ARUS after a while ...

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