In Samsun, Minibus and Minibus Tradesman Shocked Mayor Yılmaz

In Samsun, minibus and minibus shopkeepers said for themselves, 'If they turn off the ignition, they should turn it off, so what?' Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, who said:

After the first Metropolitan Municipality Assembly meeting of the new year, our reporter Merve İlhan, President Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, Turkey Drivers and Vehicle Chamber Chairman Fevzi expired in Samsun with'd APIs and wanted to get the opinion for criticism of the vans. First of all, Mayor Yilmaz says of our reporter, “We came to the ignition point of the driver tradesmen. What would you like to tell about this topic?" he said angrily to the question, "Shut it down, what is it to me?" gave the answer.

Samsun Newspaper and Samsun Live News TV team once again extended a microphone to the driver tradesmen after these words. Minibus and minibus shopkeepers, especially President Yılmaz, "If they turn off the contact, they should close it, what happened?" He reacted strongly to his words.

Ondokuzmayıs University Minibuses President Mustafa Bircan: Minib First of all, thank you very much. Unfortunately, these are the troubles we've taken over 10 years. When Mr. Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz was president, we were together and we were there. His thoughts were so clear that he never accepted us before the rail system started working. She forced us into appearing before the sultan.

As for today, Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz has privatized 106 buses in his hand. Together with Mr. Fevzi Apaydın, we helped him. We distributed and sold vehicles to our tradesmen. After the rail system was activated, they started to restrict the minibuses in the first place. After restricting us, they bought 41 buses to Samsun. They will activate 70 buses, but currently 40 buses are active. During his presidency, he never opened a factory or a business area to the public.

In the community he calls forest, 15 thousand people are eating bread. We knew the person who was the president of the Metropolitan Municipality as the elder brother, father or elder of that city. But it has been crushing us a little more for 8-10 years. Our intention is serious and we talk about it amongst ourselves at meetings. We plan to leave our keys not to the Metropolitan Municipality, but to the Ministry of Interior. "

Mehmet YILMAZ, Deputy Chairman of Ondokuz Mayıs University Minibuses: “Samsun Metropolitan President says he should close it. We have already lost many of our friends for this reason since 2009-2010. We are vehicles working for the university for 44 years. The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality does not even want to hear the word minibus. There is no such mentality. Nobody knows what these people did to this. You ask questions there, he says they should close. A Metropolitan Mayor is considered the father of that city. He victimizes people instead of giving them bread. In no way does he agree to meet with us and sit at the table.

We are in a position to really turn off the ignition. This is its purpose. Mr. Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz bought 70 more buses on behalf of SAMULAŞ just to finish the minibuses in Samsun. We want to make our voices heard to top authorities. There is no end to this. There was not a single tradesman left in Samsun that he did not suffer. He despises and despises. Thank you very much for being sensitive to this issue. The rail system will go to the university. He says 'I'll take this to university and you can't get anything'. It will remove public buses and minibuses, and condemn 65 thousand people to the rail system. Does the Chamber of Drivers Turkey would give the mayor the appointment to the President? From here, I am calling out to everyone in higher positions. They do not interfere in any way. We go to them. We say tell the president something, they say we are not talking. "

Head of Line 2 Minibus Şahap Yıldız: “You handed us a microphone and we asked more than criticism. Mr. Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz is the Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and is the father of this city. We never criticized him. We only presented our wishes with working difficulties. You also took note of it and printed it in your newspaper. You asked him this question on behalf of all the minibus drivers in Samsun where you first saw him. We would have wanted them to hang it there, until we said, 'No, what's wrong, do they have a problem, do they have a problem? They could have said, let's talk 'or if he had said' It's not nice to shut them down, I will take care of this', it would be good for you, you would have received the answer to your question, and we, as the drivers, would say, "Thank you, our President is taking care of us." We considered it reasonable to give a positive answer to the question posed by the journalist. There 'turn them off if they' let us talk like that today, Turkey's all over journalist's day celebrated our friend and attacked a journalist, the cameraman We also welcome. The people of Samsun, the readers of the Samsun Newspaper, the drivers and the voters do not welcome this. I hope our president will make a statement and apologize to the driver in Samsun and to all journalists as soon as possible. "

Driver Hüseyin Arslan: “It looks like he's doing great things, but he's actually doing bad things. I think it's not befitting the Mayor. What does the Mayor do? It takes care of and defends the people. Tradesmen are also citizens and people, but I don't understand why they forget the tradesmen. He's trying to get us into trouble, that's why he says such things. "

Driver Fatih Sarioglu: “As the president, Yusuf Ziya says, 'If they shut it down, they should shut it down' and we don't talk about it. He spoke wrong. How many commercial vehicles, minibuses are there. He speaks wrong, saying if they shut it down, they'll shut it down. For how long we have been voting for him because he is in the AK Party, but he was doing wrong. After that, there is no vote for the AK Party in Büyükşehir. "

Driver Nami Çelik: “You promised us. You kept your promise and asked your question. We condemn the President's attitude. It's an insult to you and us to react that way. He's ignoring us. How to vote for us, how will we run conditions? It's a shame. There are those who can't pay their debt here. He has to find a cure. What are they going to do? Let's close the contacts. What's his grudge? We are tradesmen, we pay the dues where necessary and we do not accept those. Biz

Driver Ünal Kuleil: “You got a wrong answer and this is Yusuf Ziya's usual state. The horse passed Üsküdar, but there is no such thing in their party. I am also a member of the AK Party, but there is no place for people like Yusuf Ziya in that party. After that, it cannot get votes anyway. He plays with the citizen, but his chances will not be clear. As minibuses, we have to close the contact. We have to close the contact for 2-3 days. We need to pour the people in front of him, he wants it and we have to do it. Let's close the contacts and let the people revolt for 2 days. Who will carry so many people? "

Ramazan SAYIN: “Our head of Yusuf Ziya spoke rightly. I also warned my own presidents. We always say. Let's do what is necessary, give our petitions, turn off our contact, let's hand over our keys. He does it because we don't speak out. I will also meet with my president. We also have 124 vehicles. Let's close his contacts, give his keys, look at our house, make our payments. As long as so many people do not speak out, this man runs the horse as he wishes. I am a strong AK Party member, but I do not want to see such a president in the AK Party. We are victims and we want to make our voice heard by our prime minister, our president. We do not want to see Mr. Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz. We will do what is necessary and close the contacts, let's see what happens. Tickets will be cut early. "

Mustafa GÜL: “We ask our elders not to reduce the bread, to increase it. Let them find a solution to our problem. We pay a lot of taxes on these cars. Stop taxes, we have become unable to take care of our children. If they increase our breads, we say God bless them. There is this world today, but not tomorrow. If they receive our blessing for him, it will be very appreciated for them by Allah. I ask my elders to increase our bread, please find a solution, and we pray to them a lot. "

Fazıl SERKİ: “All minibus lines and public buses are all victims. Everyone doing Samsun transportation is a victim. There is only one man here, Yusuf Ziya, there is no other. The AK Party should take this into consideration. What he did is wrong. Buses drive everywhere, a shame for them. There are 4 people, 5 people on buses. These money go from our pocket. "

Soner KOL: “First of all, it is not good for a mayor to do this. After all, our mayor has been elected and has come to a position, but it is a shame that he did such a thing, especially that he did such a thing to you as a woman. Everyone is fighting for a piece of bread. He chopped blood on everyone's bread. He chopped blood on the bread of us, the workers. It can also put a bus or a tram. We are a big city, we are Samsun. But he says to 'hang it up' as if he was making fun of people. The word shut it down is very wrong and I condemn our mayor. We have always welcomed Syrians and Iranians. Our President welcomed them. Well, how can our Samsun Mayor make us close the contact? No such thing."

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