Samsun Metropolitan Warns "Use Public Transport on Snowy Days"

While the air temperatures throughout the country continued to be above the seasonal norms, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality completed all preparations before the possible cold weather and snowfall. 217 personnel will join 320 construction equipment this year.

Taking into consideration the meteorological warnings in all the districts of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs, completing the necessary preparations are also waiting for the teams. For this purpose, 47 grader, 16 dozer, 30 truck, 50 tractor backhoe, 19 truck, 26 snow blade truck, 20 mini case, 9 solution tank in total together with 217 machine and 217 operator and 103 workers and 320 workers in total ready to hold.

Within the scope of the 17 bin 4 kilometer road in 522 district, the Metropolitan Municipality will use the solution in its facility to prevent the icing of the roads within the scope of the snow combat activities.

Serkan Çam, Head of Science Affairs Department of the Metropolitan Municipality gave information about the preparations. Within the framework of the fight against snow, 17 stated that they have established refuge areas in the district. Üj In all of our regions, snow-fighting vehicles were deployed. We have installed our fuel tanks to the highest point of our districts. We will use the machines of our contractors in addition to the construction machinery for our works in this area. Bur

In order to prevent malfunctions in the fight against snow, the head of the Department of Science, Çam, said: al It is important that the dialysis patients and pregnant brothers are determined before the onset of heavy snowfall and brought to the related hospitals. Drivers should always use snow tires in their vehicles, especially in heavy snowfall areas and on icy roads should not be driven by non-chain vehicles. We must not make false denunciations. Sometimes our citizens declare unfounded denunciations to open their own roads. This is delaying our access to more priority places. Bu

Head of Department Çam, who informed the call center that the notifications and demands will be forwarded to the responsible institution firstly, “Our priority on the roads is to open the main group roads and main arteries and then to open the neighborhood roads. District municipalities should do the necessary work on the transportation routes of the neighborhood, especially in the area of ​​their responsibility, in the scope of the fight against snow, and should not direct our notified citizens to the Metropolitan Municipality. Water meters, frost and so on. negativity against our subscribers and all citizens should be careful and cautious. Our people should use public transportation especially in the days of heavy snowfall. used expressions.



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