Key Points of Transportation in Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, 2018 year targets, 'green and visual more rich, aesthetic concerns come forward, representing buildings representing the city and most importantly, a traffic-relieved Bursa,' 'he said. Reminding that the most important priorities are the relieving of traffic, President Aktaş said, yet In this context, I believe that 2018 will be a year of life rather than being complained about more. En

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktas shared the road map they prepared with the aim of making Bursa a more livable and accessible city. Bursa, 2018 as a whole with the expression that they have taken into consideration Aktaş, quality of life in all regions to work with the purpose of maximizing the 17 year from transportation to urban transformation and the environment will be a year that will be a result stressed. President Aktas, 2018'da enriched the green and the image, the traffic is relieved, Bursa representing more representative structures emerged, more aesthetic concerns in a Bursa imagining, stating that in front of them 2018 a serious time and important developments will be noted.

Key points of transportation

As a result of their evaluations about the transportation problems in Bursa, President Aktaş stated that they prepared an urgent action plan and that they aim to get significant results with the small touches at the 31 point determined until 2018. At the Orhaneli Junction, President Aktas stated that the improvement of 29 was achieved with the smart junction system after the removal of the median median, and said that this smart junction application would be more widespread. Mr. Aktaş reminded that life in Bursa continues in 35 / 7 and that there will be no obstacles in traffic flow during the studies. We have created our calendar, we have determined how many days to work, how many days have been determined. Takvim

Emergency action plan

According to the urgent action plan for road, intersection and traffic regulations prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality; Small Industry Rose Junction, Mudanya Junction and Orhaneli Junction and Acemler Junction will be expanded. At the Beşevler Junction, Otosansit Junction, Esentepe Junction, Tuna Street Junction, Ihtisas Intersection and Emek Junction, mid-rotational island will be removed and the smart intersection will be implemented. Gökdere Junction will be increased by increasing the crossing capacity of the vehicle. Mudanya Bridge Interchange is to be built in Izmir return arm so that the traffic load at the Orhaneli Junction will be reduced. The connection roads with Beşyol and Panayır Bridge Interchanges will be completed in a short time and Istanbul Street will be brought to 3 lanes in both directions. The viaduct that will connect the vehicles coming from İzmir direction to the nearby Ring Road without coming to Acemler Junction will also significantly reduce the load of the Acemler Junction.

Growth should be healthy

Bursa is growing every year until a Çanakkale, but this growth should be done in a healthy way voicing President Aktas, to meet the growing potential, opening new areas of the inevitable opening of the areas, he said. Referring to people's habitats and the future of the city, rather than the logic of producing more apartments, President Aktaş said, gel We have the obligation to grow our city in a healthy way.

While urban transformation, density, parking lots, green areas, education and religious facilities should be planned well. 0.50 can be applied, there is no such thing as not applied, but the transformation of the island, neighborhood, even take the region. Even if he saves me I will be given 0.70 but in the end, let's look at it as a whole. So 40-60 I think that the urban transformation of the circle will cause clogging, tık he said.

I want to leave a mark

President Aktas said that they do not see the financial situation to be a bad excuse as an excuse to take shelter and that they will take steps to improve the quality of life, especially in the direction of budget realities. Bursa is not a city. The city of history, the city of culture, the city of the Ottomans, and a city full of blessings. There must be places and environments where you will feel this city soaking up. I want to leave a mark in the next process. In this context, I believe that 2018 will be a year of pleasure not to be complained more. Bu



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