Pay attention to the residents! BuKart 17 will be used throughout the whole district

Pay attention to the residents! This Card 17 will be used throughout the district: 'BuKart', which provides economic and easy public transportation in Bursa, is spreading throughout the province. The card can be used throughout the entire 17 district.
The Metropolitan Municipality will cover the 10 district, which will be included in the scope of the system, in the public charging system. It will be enough to move and use this card to pay the fee regardless of which district and which district to go to.
Public buses and rail systems in the use of BursaRay and tram, wage method will be eliminated. This Card will bring to everyone in the province, in singular and transfer public transportation, ease of charging and discount privilege.
Ersel Peker, the author of the Bursa Hakimiyet newspaper, wrote about the development of BuKart in his corner today.
Here is Peker's article:
The new Metropolitan Law, which will come into force with the elections, will bring many innovations.
These include the use of a single card to be used in all of the revolutionary transport routes in public transport, which is of the utmost importance to urban people.
Thus, you will need only one thing to reach from one end of the city to the other şey That's your Bukart in your pocket.
The Metropolitan Municipality has been implementing the single card system that will include 17 district in the expansion of the urban transportation network which is one of the most important services realized with BURULAŞ.
As in the case of Akbil, which is applied throughout Istanbul, this system will be introduced gradually in the whole of Bursa as of April.
Under the leadership of BURULAŞ with the transportation slogan, the use of tickets in urban public transportation has been terminated and the Bukart application is now spreading all over the city.
When the new law, which will make the borders of the Metropolitan Municipality with provincial provincial borders, comes into effect with the elections, the implementation of a single card will be implemented in public transportation.
Indicating that the single card application is currently implemented in seven districts, Mayor Recep Altepe said that the studies have begun to spread the same application throughout the city.

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