Will Tekirdağ Port be in Tekirdağ?

Turkey Maritime Organization will be held tomorrow, the final negotiation of the AŞ Tekirdağ Port privatization tender.

Turkey Maritime Organization AŞ final negotiation of the privatization tender of Tekirdağ Port tomorrow (Friday, January 5) at 14.30:XNUMX will be held at the PA building.

5 participant company applied for the privatization of Tekirdağ Port. The tender to be made tomorrow is Tekirdağ Logistics. Motorized Carriers. Cooperatives. and Ceynak Group.

Tekirdağ Carriers Cooperative President Ali Rıza Eti's statement that "Tekirdağ Port should be Tekirdağ people" and being among the last two companies in the tender, Tekirdağ attracted all the attention to this tender.

Tekirdağ Port is of great importance for Tekirdağ people.

At the Tekirdağspor congress, the long-established club of Tekirdağ, which celebrates its 50th anniversary, which cannot overcome financial difficulties, the idea that Tekirdağ residents cannot nominate a presidential candidate for the club and the presidency is handed over to a businessman residing in Istanbul, the thought of the people of Tekirdağ leaving all their values ​​is evaluated by the public, and this course causes sadness. .

First, the privatized railway line opened in 1997, the Port of Tekirdag in 2010, one of Turkey's rare railway connected ports.

The port, which is established on an area of ​​over 100 thousand square meters, has a pier length of 2100 meters and general cargo, liquid and bulk cargo are accepted at the port. The rail ferry connecting Europe to Asia uses this port again. The railway connected to the ferry can also be used for the port to a limited extent.

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