President Karaosmanoğlu, '' the rules of respect and decency in transportation ''

📩 20/12/2018 17:20

Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu participated in the training held by Mimar Sinan Secondary School of Transportation Park Inc. in the scope of “We are learning Public Transport Rules os Project. Dr. Mayor of Izmit Nevzat Doğan, Provincial Director of National Education Fehmi Rasim Çelik, General Manager of Transportation M. Yasin Özlü, made a speech in the training program attended by teachers and students, Mayor Karaosmanoğlu said: However, we have to pay attention to many issues that we need to be sensitive to, such as giving place to our elders and disabled people, taking care of families with children. The rules of respect and decency that we have received from our family will be sufficient for them. Bunlar


I would like to congratulate Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu for his social responsibility project titled “We are Learning Public Transport Rules,. The transportation of a country and the city is like the same circulation. We are in a period when the distances of the earth are shrinking. The days and months of the journeys have now fallen behind. In this way, we are experiencing new developments in transportation diversification in cities, we will live. But at this point, I would like to mention that there are duties to you and to every citizen. I want them to be more sensitive to include our esteemed youths, sisters, women, disabled people, grandparents and pregnant mothers. There is no written rule of these rules, but these behaviors are within the rules of morality and decency. Bun


"We love you very much and you are our future, our hope" Karaosmanoğlu concluded his words as follows: "Remember, you are our morale. We attach great importance to you as adults. I wish you all success in your life and education journey. May my Lord open your way. My request is to care about each other and love it. Carry this life nicely by valuing it. ” Provincial Director of National Education Fehmi Rasim Çelik made a speech in the program and said, “We need to be conscious about using public transport. Our Metropolitan Municipality has taken responsibility in this regard as well as in every subject. As the National Education community, we see our President, Ibrahim, as our supporter in every field. Because “Everything says sacrifice for our children”. We are grateful to our İbrahim President with our 30 thousand teacher staff and 450 thousand students. Our president is an education volunteer. I would like to thank our Directorate of Transportation Park and its team for how we should use public transportation vehicles. Our children receive a more detailed education on how to behave healthier and older and younger in transportation. I thank the officials of our Metropolitan Municipality who took responsibility in this matter. ”

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