4 Aircraft Passed From Turkish Airspace per Minute

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, noting that Turkish airspace 2016 percent compared to last year increased the number of flights that occur xnumx'y, "Turkey was late last year from a plane in the skies 4,5 about every second." He said.

Armstrong, in his statement, the decisions put into investments and practices for the civil aviation infrastructure in this area into one of the fastest growing countries in the world in Turkey, said the plane traveling significant increase in the number of passengers seen.

Last year 10 percent of the average annual number of passengers carried by airlines 10,3 pointing Arslan magic, 2008 years 79 million reported in the number of passengers last year 887 380 193 thousand thousand million 318 708 reached.

A 2002 point 2 centers domestically 26 in Turkey only on Turkish Airlines (THY) Arslan stated that scheduled flights, in the intervening 15 years, domestic flight voiced 6 airline 7 centers total 55 point in time did.

Arslan, xnumx't abroad only editing time to 2003 destinations in 50 countries, as of the end drawing attention rises to 60 point total 119 countries this figure, stressing that these data, Turkey's aviation every day quickly showed that spell.

Turkish airspace last year occurred in transit overflight including flight numbers of Arslan representing an increase 2016 percent compared to xnumx'y, "the previous year 4,5 million 1 thousand 829 the number of flights, increased last year 908 million 1 thousand xnumx'y to. In other words, Turkey has passed an aircraft approximately every second year 912 from heaven. "He said.

Last year, the airports in and the xnumx's percent of departing flights Arslan, explaining that form of commercial flights, according to xnumx'y last year, the number of these flights increased 67 percent in domestic 2016 reported that rises a thousand 3,2 699 thousand 166 to.

Arslan, while in the outer lines increased 6,2 percent of commercial flights 535 said that out of a thousand 469 from 568 thousand 809, Turkey 4,5 percent said figures in general rose 1 million 234 thousand xnumx't that said 635 million 1 thousand 290 rises.

Tı Both domestic and international flights increased “

Minister Arslan, voicing 2017 by the end of both domestic as well as increased in the international aircraft traffic, "Domestic air traffic in 2017, xnumx'y percent by 2016 increased 2,8 thousand 886 thousand rose 228 from 910. On the other hand, 684 increased from 3,8 to 566 bin 767. The number of transit transits from Turkish airspace increased by 588. Say

The Turkish airspace last year 413 thousand 97 has reached the upper crossing pointing Arslan, "so that the Turkish airspace total 1 million 912 thousand 216 flight was hosted." He said.

Flight traffic data for 2016 and 2017 years in Turkish airspace is as follows:

flights 2016 2017 Change (Percent)
Domestic line 886.228 910.684 2,8
International line 566.767 588.435 3,8
Turkey in general 1.452.995 1.499.119 3,2
Transit top pass 376.913 413.097 9,6
Total 1.829.908 1.912.216 4,5

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