24 New Jest Buses Launched in Kocaeli

The service of the new Jest Bus 24, which was presented to the citizens of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality by the Metropolitan Municipality, took place in the bus route of the Road Bus. Secretary General İlhan Bayram, Deputy Secretary General Dogan Erol, Ali Yeşildal, President of Public Transport Department Salih Kumbar, Transportation Park General Manager Yasin Özlü, Bus drivers and citizens attended.

5.5 and 6,5 METERS BUSES

The vehicles purchased by the Metropolitan Municipality have a length of 5.5 meters with 6.5. The 17 will serve as a stand-up support and Lane Tracking system on vehicles that can stand and serve a disabled passenger, while the 3 will serve as a standing and available.


In order to ensure the continuity of transportation services in the streets or streets which are narrow for the large buses, the technical specifications of the vehicles were determined and preferred. In this context, the vehicles of the Governorate - Erenler - Kent housing - Üçyol, Kulfallı - Governorate, Arızlı - Governorate, Yenidoğan - Children's Hospital, Yeniköy - Gölcük, Summer - Gölcük, İhsaniye - İzmit, Saraylı - Gölcük State Hospital, Gölcük Vocational School - Gölcük lines between the service will give.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the 24 vehicle during the commissioning ceremony of the Secretary-General İlhan Bayram said, han Today, our new Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli 24 new bus is on the road. 24 commissioned with our new bus on the slopes of our city in the old narrow streets and the number of passengers is not efficient because of the low-speed lines, '' he said start a comfortable journey.


Indicating that the vehicles are suitable for people with disabilities Secretary-General Bayram '' Disabled citizens designed by taking into consideration the comfortable use of cars in the same time at the same time an important feature for steep slopes and slope support on the smooth road accident prevention system is effective in the prevention of the road. May Allah bestow on our vehicles without fault. Good luck to Kocaeli, auspicious '' he finished his words. After the ceremony, the General Secretary İlhan Bayram traveled to the municipal service building with disabled people with new vehicles.


11 Governorship - Erenler - Kentkonut - Üçyol
61 Kulfallı - Governorship
62 Arızlı - Governorship
65 Newborn - Children's Hospital
665 Yenikoy - Golcuk
670 Holiday Home / Apartment - Gölcük
680 İhsaniye - Izmit
720 Saraylı - Gölcük State Hospital
730 Gölcük Vocational School - Gölcük


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