Altepe's Priority Wagon Description for Women

Priority Wagon Statement from Altepe for Women: Speaking at the ordinary council meeting in June, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe explained that the women's priority wagon application is not unique to Bursa, and that similar applications are made more effectively in important metropolises such as Tokyo, Berlin and New York. Reminding that in America it is even determined where people will put their feet on subways, Japan has been carrying women in 'colored wagons' for 15 years, President Altepe said, “We do not have a discrimination thought, it cannot. Our concern is peace. "We went to a partial arrangement, on demand from the citizen, that's it."

The regular meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly was held in June. The session which took place in the parliament building on the Ankara Road, was discussed in Bursa, which will be the subject of the agenda and allow women to travel in separate wagons.

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, supported by the wider population of women's primary wagon application is not unique to Bursa, he said. Altepe emphasized that similar practices were found in Europe, America and Japan, and the subject was polemicized by some politicians. He said that they received positive feedback from the wider segments of society.

President Altepe, female priority wagon application is optional, women who complain about the metro could use the last wagon said. President Altepe who stated that their aim is to carry Bursa to an even higher standard, not the quality of discrimination and peace, lar The arrangements we made are not in vain. Bursa in terms of quality of life, first in Turkey. Among the 20 cities in the world. This is a preferential application for citizens in terms of quality. Male and female transport has not ended. This is not the case. Here we put comfort in the foreground. Ladies who want to travel with their wives in the rear carriage, İst he said.

Mayor Altepe noted that the standards in metro and public transportation systems in Bursa are shaped by the demands of the citizens. President Altepe emphasized that the seating system, which was face-to-face, was changed to one direction in the direction of departure within the framework of this understanding, and that women using public transportation vehicles were given the freedom to get off and on at their desired points, and said, “In America, even where a citizen will put his foot is determined in subways. And we also set rules in line with the demands of the society. We made certain regulations for women not only in the subway but also in public transportation. We provided convenience and priority for getting off the boarding and landing outside the stop at night. Everyone is satisfied. It is like this all over the world ”.

Mayor Altepe said that the women's priority wagon system was made a polemic by politicians. Noting that the agenda was created in a negative way before the system was put into practice, and that ruthless and unreasonable criticisms were made, President Altepe emphasized that Japan has been carrying women wagons of different colors for 15 years. Stating that nobody has the right to disturb anyone in public transportation and that they made a smaller arrangement in a requested area in this direction, President Altepe said, “We did not force anyone for this. Within the framework of the new application, everyone will be able to get on and off as they wish. These are made to increase the quality of life and peace in the city. He said that those who are messing up do not know about New York or Tokyo ”.

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the assembly meeting, the name of the new metropolitan stadium will be clarified what the name of the debate. Altepe recorded that the issue was moved to the agenda of the parliament through constant heating and said that Bursaspor, who has a debt of 360 million TL, needs money, and therefore the person or organization that gives the money can get the name right of the stadium.

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