Izmir traffic will be managed by 3 bin smart device

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Izmir traffic will be managed by 3 bin smart device: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has come to an end in the installation of lar Full Adaptive Traffic Management, Audit and Information System çevre which will bring order to city transportation with smart devices. The system won the eri best project award l among all the categories at the Intertraffic Fair in Amsterdam last year, and it will facilitate the daily lives of the people of İzmir, in addition to obtaining data that are of great importance for traffic engineering.

Everything is now ready for the realization of the "Fully Adaptive Traffic Management, Control and Information System" known as the "Intelligent Traffic System" and whose infrastructure works have been completed in many regions throughout the city. The installation process has been completed in the Izmir Transportation Center, where the system that provides the opportunity to monitor and control all streets, boulevards and intersections that make up the main axes of Izmir in urban transportation and to direct the traffic will be controlled. After the protocol to be signed with the İzmir Police Department, inspection activities will officially begin.

The award-winning system will be managed by the 3 bin smart device

A team of operators, traffic engineers and IT experts will work at the Izmir Transport Center, which has the equipment to control and control all main arteries of Izmir for 24 hours, record them and direct the traffic. In Turkey, the largest and most extensive investment in quality traffic areas until today "Full Adaptive Traffic Management, Control and Information System" three thousand smart device that will bring order to the city's transport. The Fully Adaptive Traffic Management, Control and Information System, which won the best project award among all categories at the Amsterdam Intertraffic Fair in 3, will be managed by the main software called "Invipo".

With the system established by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 402 signalized intersections across the city were connected to the adaptive system, and an infrastructure was created that could increase this number to 900 intersections.

163 “Red Light Violation Detection System X,” 116 l Parking Infringement Detection System N and Tes Speed ​​Influence Detection System Işık, which work as speed corridor on 12 route, have been established to control traffic violations. 1500 bus camera monitoring system, wireless 3G data connection system and passenger counting system were placed. 164 fire brigade and 100 ambulance vehicle priority system was established at intersections.

In addition, “Traffic Monitoring Camera. At 110 point, N Meteorology Measurement System N at 30 point and İzleme Gauge Measurement System N at 16 point. In order to generate traffic density information, 209) Traffic Measurement Sensor Sistem and 48 pieces Ölçüm Variable Message System ör (DMS) and 60 Parking Lot Information Display were activated in order to transfer this information and other traffic information to the drivers.

Life will be easier

In addition to obtaining the data that are of great importance for traffic engineering, the system will also facilitate the lives of the people of İzmir. With the web application that will be served in a short period of time, the traffic flow and density can be monitored by the city and accordingly the route selection can be made. The advantages of the. Full Adaptive System salın include reducing violations of the rules, reducing emissions, and reducing fuel and spare parts expenditures. The system will provide a more efficient vehicle and pedestrian traffic, as well as the use of road capacities in high efficiency. Shortening travel times, accumulation at intersections and reduction of waiting times will be the most important return of the system.

Here are the application areas of the new system:

Full Adaptive Intersection Control: From the center in Toros, all streets and intersections within the scope of the smart traffic application in İzmir can be monitored and systems can be intervened from here. The system works on the basis of real-time measurement of traffic loads on the junction arms and connected intersections and the creation of the most appropriate signal plans according to the measured values. In other words, the light times at the intersections are not in pre-planned patterns, but are automatically adjusted by the computers according to the needs of the current situation.

Traffic Measurement: Instant data is reached through sensors that measure Izmir traffic. Average speed, how many vehicles per minute and traffic density can be detected.

Travel Time: With the applications to be used over the internet, the drivers can be seen in minutes, according to the current traffic density.

Parking lot management: All parking lots operated by İzelman were made "smart". With this system, it is possible to access how much space is available in the car parks on the internet or on LED screens.

Again, using the mobile site, you will be able to learn how to navigate to your nearest car park from your location.

Roadside parking lots: By the sensors installed under the ground, the occupancy status of the roadside car parks can be determined by the system. Thanks to the mobile application that shows the empty parking places, the parking call problem ends.

Traffic violation systems: Speed ​​violations system, red light violation system, parking violation system and gabari (height) violation under 24 hours whether the drivers act under the rules of the system under the headings. The system, which should be coordinated with the General Directorate of Security, will carry out the audit task following the signing of the relevant protocol.

Pedestrianized Region: Architect Kemalettin, 1 within the scope of the project. Cord, Karşıyaka Centrally controlled cork barriers were installed at the entrances and exits of pedestrianized areas such as the Bazaar, Kemeralti and the Martyrs of Cyprus. At what time, which vehicle can enter the plate reading system is controlled on the basis of working. Barriers open only when vehicles with license plates are identified. Firefighters, ambulances, such as emergency response vehicles are automatically recorded in the system.

DMS (Digital Message System): 48 large LED display DMS was placed across the city.

These screens provide information about air and road conditions for drivers, vacant places in car ferries.

Public transport: One of the most important parts of the project is to provide facilities for public transportation. All 1500 buses were installed in cameras and passenger counters and vehicle computers on all doors. In this way, which bus driver, which bus, the number of passengers on the bus and the point where the bus can be detected with a single key. Information on when to reach which station can be accessed.

Accident and road closure information: If an accident or work due to the closing of the information and alternative routes through the system can be transferred to users.

Meteorological systems: Air temperature, road temperature, humidity, system, rain and wind information is delivered to the drivers via led screens and website.

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