New trees planted on 930 on Konak Tram Line

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Konak Tram line due to the production work dismantled and moved to other areas 709 trees and trees instead of trees, planted on the same route 930 pieces of new trees. The metropolitan area is mainly focused on the landscaping on the line.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to open the doors of a new era in public transportation with its 450 million liras tram project and draws attention with the green texture formed on the line. Opened to service Karşıyaka After the construction line, the landscaping and afforestation works on the Konak Tram route, which was completed during the construction works, are greatly appreciated.

Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, whose manufacturing was completed, started to take a new face. Due to the tram works, the Metropolitan Municipality, which carries a total of 502 trees and tree trees to other green areas in the city, 709 of which are between Göztepe and Karataş, planted 930 trees in their place. Thus, the number of trees on the route was increased by 221. On Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, 540 trees were planted on the sea side, 56 on the land side, and 190 on the middle refuge. Palm, rosary, jacaranda, white-flowered wild, olive, western plane tree, silvery acacia trees added a different beauty to the beach. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has also planted over 83 thousand bushes, about 12 thousand bulbous plants, 133 thousand close-up plants and about 1500 ground cover plants along the Konak Tram Line.

Trees taken on line route due to production activities, Natural Life Park, 57 Artillery Brigade entrance, Inciralt City Forest, Aerial Training Command garden, Bornova Bus Station, Yeni Foça Beach, Adnan Saygun Art Center garden, Hasan Tahsin Park, Cesme center , Sahilevleri, Sasalı Picnic Area, Barış Manço, Adatepe and Orange were planted on trees. A section of the trees were given to the district municipalities.

Green Way
Metropolitan Municipality, which creates a 'green road' by laying grass between the rails of the green tram, where the 24 Karşıyaka Following the tram line, the Konak tram line continues to make this application between the rails. This application of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which will lay more grass on 21 thousand square meters in total at 37 centimeter depth in Konak line, is also appreciated by citizens. Stating that they continue to work with great meticulousness and speed of lawn laying officials, the grass stretching from Üçkuyular to Konak Pier has been completed, while the work continues on the Harbor Street and Gazi Boulevard.



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