Barsan Global Logistics, 30 Million Dollar Investment to Build Turkey's Largest Warehouse You

Barsan Global Logistics, 30 million dollar investment with the construction of Turkey's Largest Warehouse You: Barsan Global Logistics 2016 successfully accomplishing their goals, ambitious entry to 2017 years. Gebze, Turkey began to build the largest repository of 30 million dollars with an investment of BGL, 500 people to provide more employment opportunities with new investments.

Barsan Global Logistics continues to grow and expand its service area. BGL, which is going to build a new warehouse in Gebze, which will cost 30 million dollars, will employ 500 people with this investment. When the project is completed, this building is located in a closed area 75 thousand square meters, will be Turkey's highest-volume logistics center. The warehouse, which is being built in Gebze, is planned to be completed within one year and it is planned to be used for products in the retail category.

Continue to grow with investment

The founder and owner of Barsan Global Logistics Company, Kamil Barlın, who stated that they are proud of the continuous growth of BGL through original initiatives, said:

"Barsan Global Logistics, Turkey and we serve the leading brands in the world. As of today, the number of customers we have served has exceeded one thousand. The point is the 5 is the result of years of effort and trust. We will continue to invest and welcome our customers in 35. M

20 will open new center abroad

Successfully implementing its growth targets and investment plans in 2016, BGL 22 continues its operations at 59 logistics center in the country. Barsan Global Logistics, which will open 20 headquarters abroad next year, continues its investments in the country without slowing down.

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