Derbent Gets Aladag Ski Center

Derbent is getting to Aladag Ski Center: Konya Governor Yakup Canbolat and Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyurek Derbent made observations in the field of ski facilities in Aladag. President Akyurek, short, medium and long-term plans to be established in the region of tourism facilities will contribute to the district of Derbent and Konya, he said. Konya Governor Yakup Canbolat thanked the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek for stating that the creation of winter tourism in Konya will be a significant development.

Konya Governor Yakup Canbolat, Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyurek and district mayors, Derbent Aladağ'da planned to be established in the region of the ski resort.

Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acer, 2 thousand 400 digit Aladag is Turkey's first 5 be determined by experts to be one of the ski resort, said Konya in bringing this beauty big thank the Metropolitan Mayor thanked Tahir Akyürek to. Acar said that the feasibility report was completed by the Metropolitan Municipality about the facilities planned to be established and that in the summer, mechanical facilities, power transmission and daily facilities were planned.


Mayor Tahir Akyürek, Konya as a city of history and culture at the same time around 2,5 million people per year is a tourism city, stating that tourism requires diversity, he said.

President Akyürek stated that Derbent Aladağ is suitable for the construction of the facility with its snow structure, snow amount, slope and natural beauty. Afterwards, day use areas, tourism facilities and accommodation will be established. In this type of tourism areas, not only in winter, 12 months to create facilities suitable for use. As a municipality, we will provide our support in this area. Our Ministry of Youth and Sports will also contribute here. The study will walk with short, medium and long term planning. Tourism facility will contribute to Derbent and our city b.


Konya Governor Yakup Canbolat stated that the creation of winter tourism in Konya, which is a tourism city, will be an important development. The first step of this is our local administrations and our ministry. The private sector is expected to enter in parallel with the development of this area. I would like to thank the Mayor of Derbent, who will start the investments by putting a great source on the Mayor and the budget. Good luck. Hayır

Konya Governor Yakup Canbolat and Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyurek with the snow engines in the field of the program of the review of the Governor of Derbent Aziz Kayabaşı, Metropolitan Municipality Council members, Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities, managers, journalists and many guests attended.

Most of the participants had their first skiing experience, especially the children had fun.

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