YHT mechanics will be trained with the simulator from 2017

YHT machinists will be trained with simulator as of 2017: The simulator will be used in the training of High Speed ​​Train (YHT) machinists at TCDD Eskişehir Training Center.

Eskişehir Education Center, established 120 years ago in Eskişehir, which is at the crossroads of railways and also known as the city of culture and education, trains many personnel, especially machinists, on railways.

Halim Soltekin, the director of the center, said that some of the machinists under the age of 5 with 35 years of experience were selected to be employed in YHT.

Stating that these people were trained, Soltekin said, “We trained 125 YHT machinists in our training center. They work successfully on YHT lines. We train all of them. We have made the temporary acceptance of the YHT simulator that we received for use in these trainings. Training trials of the simulator are being made. We will start training with simulators in 2017. ” said.

Soltekin stated that the new generation YHT also provided their trainings and that the train in question was named as “High Speed ​​Train 80100”. Stating that there will be a simulator for this train, Soltekin stated that this is also accepted by the factory and that it will be installed next year.

TCDD Training Center trainer Kamil Esen, who is also a YHT engineer, said that they are eagerly awaiting the YHT simulator to be put into service next year.

Pointing out that simulators are indispensable for trainings, Esen said, “We simulate real life exactly. We will also bring simulators for new YHTs. He said that we will also provide trainings in these.



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