Traffic Revolt of Citizens in Izmir

Traffic Revolt of Citizens in Izmir: Izmir Aliaga-Torbali commuter transportation between the employees of İZBAN Inc. on the day of the 7'nin continued to strike, the citizen rebelled.

Izmir's Aliaga-Torbalı commuter transportation between the employees of IZBAN Inc. 's 7 on the day of the strike, while the citizens rebelled.

TCDD which operates suburban transportation between Aliağa and Torbalı in İzmir and the joint company of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İZBAN A.Ş. The staff decided to strike from Tuesday. Due to the dispute in the collective bargaining agreement involving 340 staff working in İZBAN, the strike was started at 08.00 Tuesday according to the decision taken by the Turkish railroad. In addition to ESHOT and İZULAŞ, İZDENİZ increased its flights in order not to be affected negatively by the strike. However, the biggest problem due to the strike suffered citizens. The direction of İZBAN from Aliağa to Konak direction and from Gaziemir to Konak direction, traffic almost came to a halt. Citizens using İZBAN before the strike due to İZBAN not work with special vehicles, traffic, the number of bus lines increased in Izmir traffic has become unbearable. While all the buses were filled, people were rebelled because of standing and jammed ride. Due to heavy traffic, the people of İzmir who left the house early to reach their jobs could not get their jobs again because of the traffic.

Citizens in rebellion
Karşıyaka Esma Akan waiting for a bus at Serinkuyu stop said, uz We have been experiencing a lot of trouble for a week. We go home and work late at 2 hour. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I've been using İZBAN all the time, but I'm using a bus but the bus comes in an hour. Incoming buses are packed and packed. I'm supposed to be leaving home early, but I'm late again. ” Karşıyaka'from BayraklıErsin Eren, who tries to go to his workplace with his private vehicle, said, “Traffic has become a terrible situation. It travels 1 hour every morning due to the strike. Normally I arrived in 20 minutes to work. I leave home early, but I still cannot reach the workplace on time. I hope the strike will not last long, we expect that it will be finished as soon as possible. ” Serdal Üstün said, “It is a very bad situation. Since İZBAN does not work, it is obliged to traffic with its car, which is a compulsory vehicle, and the roads are locked. I leave the house early, but due to traffic, I am late for work again. In the event that İZBAN does not work, İzmir traffic will always be the key. ”

Çiğli-Karşıyaka Ali Kotan, a minibus driver, said: “We are spending the whole day on the road. Normally from Cigli KarşıyakaI was going to 40 minutes. But now I'm halfway to 40 per minute. More 40 per minute KarşıyakaI'll reach, ”he said.

İZBAN announced the latest offer yesterday
I had a statement yesterday about the collective bargaining agreement between İZBAN A.Ş. In the statement,, 7,64. Our most recent offer, including the 1 (up to 2) fee hike and 15 day bonus, the 75 day bonus of the second year, and the surge hike on the 80 score of the inflation that will occur in the second year, was unfortunately not accepted once again, insisting on the continuation of the strike. On the contrary, while we were waiting for a positive step, the union pushed everything back to its stalemate with the same uncompromising attitude, increasing its offer of the so-called 1 before the strike decision, and took a stance that would not even accept its previous offer. Aks In the statement, the salary chart that will be formed after the proposal is not accepted. Accordingly, the net fees of the employees are: Technician, 16.53 thousand 2 TL (+ 615 TL road and dining), driver 411 thousand 2 TL (+ 562 TL road and dining), technician 411 bin 2 TL (+ 356 TL road and dining), station operator 411 bin 2 TL (+ 293 TL road and dining), accounting personnel 411 thousand 2 TL (+ 234 TL road and dining), cashier 411 bin 2 TL (+ 279 TL road and dining), cashier 411 bin 2 TL (+ 261 TL road and dining)

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