Minister Arslan: Our whole goal is to complete the missing link of Turkey into the center aisle

Minister Arslan, Our whole goal is to complete the Turkey into the center aisle of the missing link: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, "Our whole goal is to complete the missing link of the corridor Turkey-centered and becoming a corridor may be preferable to this gimmick. After Marmaray, by finishing the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, making the east-west axis especially the silk railway uninterrupted and thus making maximum use of this route. ”

Arslan gave information about the budget of the Ministry in the Plan and Budget Committee. Arslan, 24 thousand 891 kilometers of divided road with 76 provinces saying they connect, they did ride 213 kilometers in the rail line High Speed ​​Rail lines and Turkey said they introduced the High Speed ​​Train. Arslan said, “As of the number of permanent and contracted workers, we benefit from 97 thousand 479 people, 102 thousand people from our contractors, and 40 thousand people with service procurement. If we supply the budget sizes of 2016-2017, our initial appropriation for 2016, including the Ministry, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, the General Directorate of Highways and BTK, was 15 billion, while the current budget was 20 billion 500 million and the budget for 2017 was approximately 25 billion, including the current appropriations. 18 billion of this is investment allowance. The rate of increase of investments and budgets is 22 percent compared to the previous year. ”

Arslan, said:

“While our 2016 investment budget was 21 billion 730 million, it increased to 2017 billion 25 million in 651. The rate of increase with all our institutions is 18.37 percent. When other payments are included, the budget of approximately 39 billion has increased to 2017 billion 46 million TL in 152. ”

Turkey's Armstrong highlighted the geopolitical situation, "the transport corridor Marmaray Yavuz Sultan, including Selim Bridge, the Black Sea RoRo and railway Baku ferry with access to the Black Sea and in our east-Tbilisi-east away, including Kars and access to Central Asia, we see the access corridors to the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia in our south. A trade volume of approximately 2020 billion dollars is projected between China and the European Union in 800, wherever these international transportation corridors pass through, if you support these corridors with the right planning, they create additional value for you. There is a corridor that goes from the south of the Caspian Sea to the south of our country, as well as the northern corridor that runs from the north of our country to the Black Sea. Our whole goal is to complete the missing link of Turkey into the center aisle and become a corridor may be preferable to this gimmick. He said that after Marmaray, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars will be finished by making the uninterrupted east-west axis, especially the silk railway, and thus making the most of this route. ”

Arslan, stating that they have made an investment of 304 billion TL, “We have invested approximately highway 193 billion TL, railway 54 billion TL, communication 29 billion TL, airline 23 billion TL. An investment of 80 billion TL was made through public-private cooperation. "The 3 thousand projects in the investment portfolio of our ministry, their total cost is 598 billion TL, the realization is 273 billion TL, the part in progress is 133 billion TL."

Arslan, providing information about the Çanakkale Bridge, “We have put the tender for the bridge and Malkara part of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, all 352 kilometers. We will receive offers on January 26. Thus, we will have made 100 kilometers of it. After Malkara, we will connect the state roads in both Europe and Istanbul direction. From Çanakkale, we will connect the state roads both to the south and to Bursa. Especially in order to escape from the historical peninsula, the route in the direction of Lapseki was preferred so that there is no negativity to the protected areas. We aim to open this project in the 100th anniversary of the Republic. The foot span will be 2 thousand 23 meters, "he said.

Providing information about the new airport in Istanbul, Arslan said, “Our goal is to open the part that will serve the first phase of 2018 million passengers in the first quarter of 90. It is progressing very quickly. Tower 50 million project. He started receiving awards. ”

As for Kanal Istanbul, Arslan said, “Many alternative route studies were carried out. The final stage has been reached. End of construction was also approached. We are working specifically in the financing model, let's put forward a much more feasible financing model that can benefit the country. Let's eliminate the risks arising from dangerous transportation through the Bosphorus and Istanbul. ”

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