Tram project in Izmir continues with discussions

The tram project in Izmir continues with discussions: Özlem Şenyol Kocaer, Head of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Urban Planners (TMMOB), talked about his criticism of the Izmir Tram Project.
In the ın Smart and Sustainable Transport Panel vay held at the Izmir Gas Plant's Cultural Center within the framework of the European Mobility Week, the expression ag absurd opposition günler to the criticism of the Izmir Tramway Project was received by İBB Vice President Muzaffer Tunçağ.
Özlem Şenyol Kocaer, the Head of the Chamber of Urban Planners of the Chamber of Urban Planners of Turkey, reminded me that as a professional chamber, they share the scientific and legal report and the points they object to the public. Kocaer said that the process of the tramway project has been implemented in a process far from democracy with a so-called participatory approach. El Alel hasten to the realization of the project, which demonstrates our justification for the basic issues that we object to in the face of situations experienced in practice Tram
Kocaer, indicating the loss of two lives due to the removal of traffic signs and refuges, üj Still changes are made. Unfortunately, as a result of not taking the necessary measures in the unplanned construction activities, two lives were lost. We express our explanations regarding the development of public transportation alternatives in every platform. However, the tramway project was carried out in two regions using all public resources; many of our objections, such as the route being set, the green area of ​​the route and the area being reserved for pedestrian use, are increasing with the losses and loss of life caused by the environment during the implementation phase of the project and increasing the concerns that the future problems will increase. belirlenmiş
'We condemn'
Kocaer, in an environment mentioned with emphasis on democracy and participation, expressed their condemnation as the Izmir Branch of TMMOB Chamber of City Planners.
İzmir City Planners' Chamber Transportation Commission for Tram Project shared the views of the project with the public in the report published in August 2014.
IMM, Karşıyaka-Konak Tram Project is expected to cost 2017 million pounds at the end of 390. When it is put into service, despite the claim that the Izmir traffic will breathe, the professional chambers argue that this will not be the case.
In the Izmir Transport Commission Report prepared by the Commission, the Izmir Transport Commission Report was asked to analyze the details and results of current transport links, pedestrian safety, reduction of green areas and parking problems, and to take into consideration their opinions and recommendations.
TMMOB Provincial Coordination Board recently presented a ile Occupational health and worker safety ti report on Tramway Project. The report stated that the necessary safety measures were not taken in the construction of the tram.
TMMOB Izmir IKK said in a statement, the determination of pedestrian and motor traffic and measures to be taken are as follows:

  • Security measures should be increased by marking in accordance with the için Traffic Marking Standard in Road Maintenance and Repair of Roads yapılarak published by General Directorate of Highways and decided to be implemented in Transport Coordination Center.
  • In order to prevent the pedestrians from crossing any point in any way, and to prevent unsafe turn of the vehicles from any point, the pedestrian barrier should be placed in a solid, smoothly anchored, non-tilted security panels with the exception of pedestrian crossings and intersections with traffic lights.
  • With the tramway production route, both the vehicle road and the ongoing sidewalks, the production area should be surrounded by security barriers and the city residents should be prevented from entering the construction site.
  • On the bicycle path, border backs to prevent damage to cyclists. construction materials should not be kept,
  • Precaution should be taken for some palm trees which can cause loss of life and property as a result of deep excavation due to concrete poured under tram rails.
  • Since there is no width or narrow width due to kataners (energy poles), relief curves should not be installed for the visually impaired pavements.
  • In areas where there is no illumination, especially in Selçuk Yaşar Street when it is dark, mobile lighting should provide both pedestrian and vehicle safety.


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