Funeral moved to Rize

Funeral moved in Rize with a cable car: Rize in the village due to the dispute is not made way, the death of the funeral of the 90-year-old Fatma Ay was carried by cable car.

Recep Kurt said, “We were ashamed to carry the funeral. Let them find a solution and make our way. Buna

Muhammet Kurt said, sel There are many shares. 40 people have signed, 3 did not sign for the road. We carry our burden to our house by transporting our funeral to the ropeway or the pathway. Put the empty coffin and send it back to the ropeway. We didn't dare put the full coffin. Primitive cable car line is not very strong. If the funeral falls, we'il be disgraced. We have applied to all the authorities, but we have not had any results to make our way to this day. We want the road to be built. We have a funeral. We are in pain but we forget our pain, how we will take the funeral fall into his trouble, ac he said.

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