Erciyes Happy Winter Season

Erciyes Winter Season Off the Merry was Erciyes Turkey's most important ski centers, it has closed the winter season lasts about 4 months with 2 million visitors.

Erciyes AS Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Cahid Cıngı, AA correspondent, said the weather in the middle of January due to late cooling and delayed snowing can open the season and 15 closed as of April, he said.

Cıngı, 2014-2015 season in November with artificial snowing and april snow in May until the first week of May, but this year due to temperatures not falling below zero at night 4-5 degrees because of the lack of opening the season until January, said they live, said:

“Despite having a season 1,5 months shorter than last year, we managed to increase our visitor number from 1 million 600 thousand to 2 million. We had a growth target of 25 percent in terms of both ticket sales and incoming visitors. We have realized this. The interest shown to Erciyes this year also surprised us. We broke a historical visitor record in Erciyes, especially during the semester. All of the hotels worked with 100 percent occupancy rate. On weekends, again, all our hotels were fully occupied. On weekdays we had the lowest 60-70 percent occupancy rates. Therefore, the season was fruitful for skiers, both for our operators and visitors. Coming to Erciyes, he left in a happy and peaceful way. Last year, we had a productive season, passing the number of visitors and skiers in terms of activity. "

"Turkey's most preferred ski resort"

According to the results of his research for the visiting a travel agent of ski resorts Erciyes Turkey's most preferred ski resort stated that Cıngı, the cheapness in price and the easy access that increases the Erciyes attraction, therefore the people of Erciyes preference points noted that it took the first place.

Cıngı, Erciyes is the world's cheapest ski center and also they are ambitious about it, the average 160 pounds per day skiers ticket at many ski resorts in Turkey than 30 pounds for students in Erciyes, told us that sold for 50 pounds for adults.

Noting that in European countries such as France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria, daily tickets start from 50-60 euros per person, Cıngı emphasized that a family of 4 had to pay only 600-700 liras for the ticket and that a week of vacation can be made in Erciyes for that price.

Cıngı pointed out that the food and beverage prices are also very attractive compared to many centers, and that sausage bread is sold for 5 lira at the ski center and that people from all budgets can spend time in Erciyes.

Stating that Erciyes is 1 hour away from metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir by plane and reaching the ski center in 20 minutes from the airport, Cıngı continued as follows:

“All these factors made Erciyes the most preferred ski resort. We also received significant visitors from abroad this year. The culture ski concept we have put forward has attracted great attention of foreign tourists. We received enough visitors from the United Arab Emirates as well as from European countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Foreign visitors both ski and participate in cultural trips in Kayseri and Cappadocia within the scope of the 1-week tour package. This allows foreigners to pay more attention to Erciyes. "

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