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Non-transferable flights begin in Bursa: One end of Bursa starts uninterrupted transportation by metro.

Bursaray flights from Uludağ University to Kestel non-stop to be done in the works started. While the automatic signaling system of Arabayatağı-Kestel line was activated, there was a failure to connect to the existing system. Burulaş authorities did not get results from the weekend trial contacted Siemens officials. 5 The German technical team and Siemens officials expected to arrive in Bursa in January are expected to make the system ready for uninterrupted transportation until 15 January. In the first stage, non-stop transport between University and Kestel, Durmazlarwill continue to be produced with the existing wagons, as they continue to manufacture two wagons from and others. 10 will take one car per minute on the University-Kestel line, while 5 will take one car per minute between Arabayatağı-Acemler.

On the other hand, the automatic signaling system of the Arabayatağı-Kestel line was introduced.


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