A vehicle flew to the metrobus road in Bakırköy

A vehicle flew to the metrobus road in Bakırköy: The vehicle used by the speed-loving youth in Bakırköy flew to the metrobus road by rolling over. While the car was being destroyed, the driver survived.

An automobile that was speeding in Istanbul Bakırköy got out of control and entered the metrobus road. The driver of the vehicle, 21-year-old Umut Kukul, miraculously survived the accident. The accident took place at around 01.30 the night before, in the direction of Topkapı of the E-5 Karayolu. According to the claim; Umut Kukul, who made excessive speed on the road with his car, lost his steering control and hit the steel barriers of the metrobus road. The car hitting the lighting pole with the effect of the crash, rolled over and fell on the metrobus road. Meanwhile, the medical teams in an ambulance passing through the region by chance, immediately rushed to the vehicle that crashed.

Kukul, stuck in the scrapped vehicle, was removed by the medical teams and was sent to Bakırköy Dr. Sadi Konuk Education and Research Hospital. It was learned that Umut Kukul's right leg, who survived the shattered vehicle, was broken, there were cuts in some parts of his body, and he was not in danger of life. Metrobus services stopped after the accident. Citizens getting off the long queues from the metrobus continued on their way. The road was reopened to traffic as a result of the firefighting efforts for 2 hours.

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