Special Highway for Autonomous Vehicles

Europe's biggest autonomous vehicle race marca countdown has begun
Europe's biggest autonomous vehicle race marca countdown has begun

Private highway for autonomous vehicles: The state of Virginia, USA, has opened a 110-kilometer highway for testing driverless cars. Google and other companies developing autonomous vehicles will use this way.

The Virginia Technology Transport Institute (VTTI) launches the first test road for driverless cars. The 110-kilometer highway, which was launched within the scope of the project called 'Virginia Autonomous Corridors', will be opened to the use of companies that develop many autonomous vehicles such as Google and Nissan.

Myra Blanco, Director of VTTI, stated that their aim is to help the companies that develop the driverless car, while the cars that passed the tests should still be used with the drivers on the roads open to traffic.
The insurance and license plate of the cars participating in the tests will be provided by the state of Virginia. In addition to autonomous cars, the technology that Nokia has developed the HERE map unit is expected to be tested. HERE ensures that autonomous vehicles stay in the right lane with the 3D mapping method.

Autonomous vehicles to be tested in Virginia are expected to be tested in traffic within a year.


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