Deverenk Viaduct Going Fast

Deverenk Viaduct Going Fast: Kayseri MP and candidate Yasar Karayel, the ongoing construction of the viaduct of Deverenk by studying, received information about the work.
Karayel said the following:
”Within the scope of Kayseri Southern Ring Road Project, two viaducts will be built on the Deverenk valley between Tavlusun and Talas borders within the scope of the divided road.
The tender price is 35 Million 657 thousand TL. The height of the viaduct is 160 meters and the length is 330 meters.
At the end of 2014, the concrete production of the foundation of the viaduct and A2 edge leg was completed. In 2015, viaduct connection roads, viaduct foundations, elevations will be completed and the construction of the viaduct superstructure will be started in 2016. In 2017 we will complete the construction of the BSK and guardrails and hope the road will be opened to traffic.
The northern ring road in Kayseri made a significant contribution to city traffic. The traffic of our city will be greatly relieved when it ends on the South Ring Road.


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