500 meter private wagon

500-meter private wagon: Despite all the stagnation in Kocaeli, both exports and imports in automotive continues at full speed. In addition to exports, imported luxury jeeps and automobiles are transported by special wagons manufactured for transportation of vehicles from the port to logistics centers.

At the same time, due to the factories it contains, the vehicles produced in Kocaeli, especially Ford Otosan, Hyundai, Honda, and the Adapazarı Toyota Factory right next to it, and vehicles manufactured in other companies' factories are exported to all over the world. Seaway is generally used in the export of these vehicles.


Vehicles imported from abroad and generally consisting of luxury jeeps and automobiles are also coming to Kocaeli by sea. After these vehicles have been brought to Derince Port with Ro-Ro ships, they are transported to the logistics centers of the companies established in Köseköy and other regions with specially manufactured train wagons.


When the number of imported vehicles is high, the length of the vehicle loaded wagons departing from Derince Port reaches hundreds of meters. Today, all of the imported Mercedes cars and jeeps are loaded with wagons specially designed for vehicle transportation. The wagons, drawn by a locomotive, with a total number of 17, each with 8 to 16 cars and luxury jeeps, according to their characteristics, were in succession. Since the length of a single wagon is 33 meters, the length of 17 wagons exceeds 500 meters, and interesting images have occurred on the railway line passing through the settlement and the coastline in Izmit.

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