Last Trainer of Land Train

The last mechanic of the Land Train: The steam locomotives, which have been serving for years on railways, have been replaced by the new generation tow trucks with the developing technology, and the locomotives, which have started to welcome their visitors in the museums, meet with the rails for documentary, series, film and advertisement shootings from time to time.

In the period of the Ottoman Empire, the Anatolian soil, the Republic of Turkey, the development of the young republic, folk songs for the sake of the new technology, leaving its place to the new generation locomotives with the technology now welcomes the visitors in museums, the occasional rails to meet again, the last mechanic Naci Akdag'in nostalgia in the administration of the nostalgia.

After the 1978, all of the steam locomotives, which started to decrease after 1990 and after the XNUMX, moved away from the rails and some of them were taken to museums, the last available one is in Uşak. This locomotive, which welcomes visitors who mostly want to know lar steam locomotives “, is being downloaded from time to time on separate rails for documentaries, series, films and commercials.

The last employee in Turkey "land train" the last projectionist father 32 years 58-year-old Naji Akdag continued its occupation.

from Izmir to Usak for documentary shooting "land train" projectionist Akdag, AA correspondent, can use steam locomotives in Turkey two drivers that more is found, the black train of series, documentaries, downloaded to the rails for advertising shots often it reported that undertake this task .

  • Father and son

Akdag said that his father was a steam locomotive mechanic, he was amazed at the passage of locomotives at the stations where his father was stationed in childhood. He attended short distances with his father. He said, as I would help them even in my elementary school ages and throw coal. That was the only job we had. My father was very pushed, 'My son does not have any other work' he said, but all I'm going to do is work as a mechanics and the ideal of my father's profession, '' he said.

Steam locomotives are a joy to use Naci Akdag, the preparation of the service is not difficult from other trains, before the movement of the locomotive to become hot from the cold at least 6 hours needed to be expressed.

Akdag reminded that the need for manpower to move the steam locomotive, said:

Az There are almost no staff in the steam locomotive. To close this gap, we chose 12 as a volunteer friend and provide training. We also heard that six different types of steam locomotives would be built, which was pleasing for us. I want these machines that we call World Heritage sites to work so that our children and grandchildren don't watch them in black and white movies, so they can see where the technology is coming. Dünya

  • ”There is technology but no old taste“

Naci Akdağ, who stated that he could not get away from steam locomotives and that he was running to work in the steam locomotive down from the locomotives produced in the state of the art technology, said, te We used to make our tea on the train in the old time in the train, we would cook the food in the heat of the steam and we would cook in the heat of steam. All of this had a different taste. Now the locomotives have ready heating kits, tea sets, tea sets, microwave, refrigerator, air conditioner. But there is no taste of the old, Ama he said.

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