Pekdaş, Construction of Konak Tunnels should be stopped immediately

Pekdaş, Konak Tunnels construction should be stopped immediately: Konak Mayor Sema Pekdaş, the construction of the Konak Tunnels should be stopped immediately, he said. Demonstrating that there are other things behind the immediate expropriation of the buildings on the tunnel, Pekdaş said that they would continue to fight together with the citizens living in the region.
Konak Mayor Sema Pekdaş brought up the problems experienced due to the Konak Tunnels, which are among the projects of the government for İzmir, which are under construction. Making a statement during the visit of the members of the Health Education Local Government Policy Reporters and Consultants Association (SEYEPDER), Pekdaş stated that the tunnel construction should be stopped immediately. Pekdaş said, “This issue is not a process that can be ended with the highways regional manager saying 'the expropriated areas will be green areas'. In this sense, the issue is dangerous. Word flies, this manager goes and someone else comes. Trust is important in public institutions. If there will be green space then, let them work on the plans. It was already illegal that the tunnels between Yeşildere and Konak were not included in the plans. There was no such project in the plans at first. They made plans for it all over again. In the plan notes, the borders of the Konak Tunnel are also expressed as the expropriation border. The area from Yeşildere to Bahribaba Park is mentioned. There is no overground expropriation limit for the work done underground. They did not conduct geological surveys while building the road, nor did they receive an EIA report. The government came out and said 'there is such a project'. The intervention in the city's traffic was also not measured. Like the continuation of the Çeşme Highway, they extended the road to Konak. Velev, let's say he did everything, should indicate what the place he expropriated above ground will do. If you don't do that, you will be writing on the water. Will you make it a green space or a market. Tell him about it, brother. What happened to historical artifacts above and below ground? "None of them have a record," he said.
Tunnels mansion President in statements about problems in the area of ​​the construction of the neighborhood Droplet Pekdaş, "Turkey wants to become a member of the EU. Public participation is essential when decisions are made in investments related to the city. This is the forum we do in Damlacık. We said 'what do you want' as a responsibility. We did what the government did not. A project in which the public does not participate is not right. We are doing this even if it is late in this process. It is stated that there is a problem in houses due to tunnel works. The law abiding and respectful state stops the work in these tunnels. They tell people to 'evacuate your houses'. Orphaned houses rot. The life safety and health of people should be the first priority. In the tunnel work, the houses had to be strengthened first. You are tunneling without expropriation despite his will. Have the big big apartments been removed because the subway is being built in Izmir? Why are buildings that did not explode then burst now? People are not stupid. I think there is another purpose here. First you strengthen the houses and then you move on. The immediate expropriation made right now is not correct. If you turn it into a disaster area first and then enter the expropriation work, we will prevent it and show resistance. We will be against the people there. I believe that all Izmir residents will stand against the offering of money. What has been done is irresponsibility towards this city. What has been done is against the law, ”he said.



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