Galata Bridge 102 was opened like this a year ago

The Galata Bridge 102 was opened this year before: the bridge, which was also the subject of discussion between the Company-i Hayriyye and İstanbul Şehremanti, was opened with a ceremony at the 14 April 1912, the fourth anniversary of Sultan Mehmed Reşad's ascension to the throne.
The last construction and opening of the N Galata Bridge açıl, which unites Karaköy and Eminönü on the Istanbul-Haliç, took place in 102 April 14 years ago.

The final agreement between the German MAN and the Ottoman Government, which succeeded to obtain the tender for the construction of the bridge at the end of the 15 annual application period, II. It was made after the proclamation of the constitutional monarchy. 25 m. wide, 466,50 m. The iron bridge on the dubas, where many shops and gas stations were located, were started to be built in 1910. In the last stage, the construction of the bridge, which was contracted under 250.000 and increased with the cost of some additions, also experienced various problems.

Due to the fact that the contractor company made an account mistake before the opening days, the connection between the Istanbul side and the opposite quay could not be achieved. For this reason, while the people were forced to cross over the wooden piers, İstanbul Şehremaneti protested against the company due to the damages due to the contract or due to the damages. The connection of the bridge was completed the day before the opening, but the ticket offices were damaged during construction.

The bridge, which was also the subject of discussion between the Company-i Hayriyye and İstanbul Şehremanti due to the scaffolds, was opened with a ceremony at the 14 April 1912, which was finally the fourth anniversary of the throne of Sultan Mehmed Reşad.

Ah Cülus-u Humayun ışı, ie the opening of the bridge of the sultan was brought to the anniversary of the opening ceremony, was held in a magnificent ceremony. Both sides of the bridge were equipped with wreaths, flags and banners, and the members of the protocol, which joined the opening together with the public, began to take their places an hour before. In 09.00, the opening time of the harmonica, the “Marş-ı Sultani hav was performed and the greeting air was played after the prayer. On behalf of Sultan Mehmed Reşad, the Minister of Mail and Telegraph Hüseyin Sabri Bey and Minister of Internal Affairs made a speech and the victims were cut and the bridge was started. At the end of the bridge to the Galata side, the victims were stopped and the ceremony ended. Among the participants were Istanbul Şehremini Tevfik Bey, Istanbul Governor, Gazi Muhtar Pasha from Meclis-i Ayan, German Consul, MAN Company representatives and many military and civilian men.

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