3. ground water barrier is removed by law

  1. The groundwater barrier at the airport is lifted by law: the 'underground waters' that emerged in Istanbul at the 3rd airport and led to the decision to stop the execution, and the contract crisis regarding the construction of city hospitals, which Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan started by saying “My dream of 9 years”, super powers are given solution. According to the news of Turan Yılmaz from the newspaper Radikal, with the bag offer submitted by the AK Party to the Parliament the night before, the Minister of Health could make changes to the contract and its annexes in case of force majeure, emergency situations or a situation affecting the implementation of the contract and its annexes. is authorized.
    However, changes to the cost increase will require the decision of the High Planning Council. The Ministry, carried to the judiciary and the construction of some hospitals brought to the point of a crisis that wants to overcome by the regulation, but the Court of Law's objection was learned that the legal arrangement was made. The reason for this change was explained as follows:
    Tender will not be canceled
    Tır Otherwise, the projects will be easily terminated, which will be reflected in the public, as well as the loss of services and the financial loss. In addition, it may cause loss of trust and investor in the international market. For this reason, it is aimed that the proposal, the amendments to the contracts and the provision regarding these changes are applied to the contracts made before the date of entry into force of the law. In addition, considering the importance and high cost of the works carried out within this scope, it is foreseen that the works will be carried out by making the arrangements required by the decisions in the tender documents and contracts, without the cancellation of the tender completely.
    Crazy projects will not stop
    Offered, 3 in Istanbul. the water resources crisis in the airport construction is brought to the de geothermal board su solution consisting of 5 ministers. The Board, which will be composed of the Ministry of Development, Energy, Environment, Industry and the institution that has approved the investment decision, will decide according to the criteria of karar public interest la on the question of groundwater in investments.
  2. the airport project was expected to speed up climate change, create noise and electromagnetic pollution, destroy agricultural and forest areas and harm the drinking water basins, and suspend the execution of the EIA positive decision on the grounds that the project of the airport was auctioned before the end of 10. . Istanbul 4. The Administrative Court 21 halted the execution of the EIA positive decision in January.

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