Special trains will be on the railways

Railways will also make special trains: The draft law on ve Freedom of Railway Transportation artık, which will be held in Parliament this week and the first part is accepted, opens the railways to the private sector.

With the draft, TCDD's units related to train operations are separated and State Railways Transportation Corporation is established. TCDD will operate in the national railway infrastructure. Private companies can build their own rail. On this infrastructure and on the national railway train operations will be able to do.


Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim, '' the railroads, the lower and superstructure are divided into two. Infrastructure will continue as TCDD. TCDD Transportation Inc. for superstructure Established. The new company will only transport. TCDD will also do the signal work as a monopoly. It will always keep the infrastructure in use. Companies with adequate conditions will also be able to transport on railway lines. Liberation is coming to railways, '' he said.

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