He entered Ankara Metro with his car

Ankara Metro Lines Stations
Ankara Metro Lines Stations

Ankara Metrosu Entered with the car: a driver from the outskirts of the city to the entrance of the subway car park entrance was an unbelievable accident. Passengers who had gone to the station to take the metro saw a great surprise when they saw the car coming down the subway.

Eray Ulukaya, who came to Ankara from Zonguldak, wanted to park his car in the car park in Kızılay. Ulukaya, who did not know Ankara, thought the entrance of Ankaray College Station to the parking lot entrance. Ulukaya 67 TR 979 headed to the entrance of the Ankaray station, which car parked the entrance to the car park. The car, which went down the stairs for a while, stopped at the last minute. While nobody was injured in the accident, the driver was surprised for a while.


Stating that he came from outside the city, Ulukaya said, "I thought the entrance to the car park, I did not understand how it happened." Citizens, on the other hand, stated that there were anchors at the entrance of the subway and asked for measures to be taken.

The capitals who went to work in the morning watched the event with confused looks. Some people tried to view this interesting accident with their mobile phones. After completing the work of the police and fire crews, the car was pulled out with the help of the tow truck.

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