UTIKAD, Turkey's first Green Office (Green Office) was qualified non-governmental organizations. (SPECIAL NEWS)

📩 08/04/2013 09:53

UTIKAD, WWF-Turkey (World Wildlife Foundation), "Green Office Program", Turkey's first Green Office (Green Office) degree in the field of civil society organizations have the title.

first year as a target k endian the paper consumption under this program, waste management and UTIKAD determine the process of buying public, with improvement works carried out in the framework of WWF-Turkey carried out by the 'Green Office (Green Office) Program deserved to be among the successful applications.

UICAD, which set off with the motto aya Big Results with Small Changes X and realized a success over its targets within a year, was granted 26 from the program and got the diploma in 4.

At the ceremony held with the participation of UTIKAD members, WWF Board of Trustees Member and Legal Affairs Manager Engin Şenol presented the Green Office diploma to UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin.

Speaking on behalf of the WWF-Turkey Senol, recalling that in increasing environmental awareness and dissemination of awareness and great responsibility falls to civil society organizations, he said that UTIKAD's work led to other NGOs and with the support.

Engin Şenol thanked UTİKAD executives and employees, who implemented the Green Office Program as a social responsibility project. That's why I congratulate UTİKAD once again. ”

Green Office (Green Office) degree from Engin Senol, General Manager of Cavite with Ugur area UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, "WWF-Turkey as seen worth the diploma by one of the world's largest nature conservation organizations we make a difference as the first non-governmental organization we believe. Green Office WWF-Turkey (Green Office) Program with our responsibility towards society and the environment we live as well as we have emphasized once more. It will be our main gain to create a changing and developing consciousness not only by the diploma received but by our association and members. In addition to our activities and services for our members, as a non-governmental organization representing the Turkish transport and logistics sector, we will continue to take responsibility for the society and the sector on many issues, especially in education. Üy

Turgut Erkeskin stated that the achievement was achieved above the targets envisaged in the association building within the framework of the Green Office Program and gave the following information: “When we started the Green Office Program, we aimed to reduce our consumption in the paper consumption area by 1 percent in the next year. . At the end of 50, we reduced our paper consumption by 2011 percent and our toner consumption by 74 percent. At the end of 55, we reduced our paper consumption by 2012 percent and our toner consumption by 6 percent and achieved a saving above our target. At the end of a year, we increased our recyclable waste recycling rate to 56 percent. We ensured that common purchasing processes have an environmentally friendly structure. At the same time, we participated in the WWF World Time campaign for a livable world for the last 100 years and mobilized our members and our industry to support the campaign. ”


International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTİKAD), founded in 1986; As one of the most important non-governmental organizations of logistics sector in Turkey and internationally by land, air, sea, rail, combined transport and logistics services company which are gathered under the same roof. UTİKAD, as well as its services to its members, is the largest non-governmental organization of the logistics sector.
Federation (FIATA) Turkey has undertaken the representation and represent our country in the FIAT Board. She is also an observer member of the European Association of Transport Affairs, the Association for Transport, Logistics and Customs Services (CLECAT) and founding member of the Federation of Logistics Providers Associations of the Organization of Economic Cooperation (ECOLPAF).

International Transport and
Association of Logistics Service Producers

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