Tüvasaş Will Complete Diesel Train Sets In Two Years And Deliver To TCDD

Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation, commonly known as TÜVASAŞ is based railcar manufacturer Adapazari. TÜVASAŞ manufacture of TCDD rail transport is responsible for the regeneration and repair of all TCDD Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is connected to a local manufacturer.

Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) Director General Ibrahim Ertirya that said two years to complete the production of the cars diesel train sets ordered by TCDD 84.

Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) Director General Ibrahim Ertirya that, given the order by TCDD 84 He said that the production of diesel train sets for vehicles will be completed in two years. İbrahim Ertiryaki, in his written statement, stated that the first two of the diesel train sets produced within the framework of activities aimed at increasing the quality of intercity passenger transportation were delivered to TCDD. Reminding that the first of the diesel train sets was launched on April 19, Ertiryaki said, “The TCDD, which still continues its journey between İzmir and Tire and has determined the suitability of the prototype vehicle, with the road conditions and passenger demands, has started mass production.

We delivered the first two sets of diesel train sets with a total of 12 vehicles, 3 of which are 12-sets and 4 of which are 84-sets, ordered by TCDD. After the conformity assessment of the first prototype vehicle, mass production of the remaining vehicles began. We will have delivered the first four sets to TCDD by the end of the year, with the production performance still continuing at high pace on our lines.” said. Noting that the deliveries will continue at regular intervals in the next year, Ertiryaki stated that the project will be completed by the end of 2013. Ertiryaki stated that TÜVASAŞ, which continues to contribute to the regional and national economy with its growing and developing stable structure, once again proved that it is a pioneer and exemplary public institution with the production of diesel train sets.

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